Listen to Shawn Mullins Channel Fab Four in 'My Stupid Heart'

Nothing fires up the muse as readily as heartbreak. Shawn Mullins recently relearned that lesson, via a divorce from his third wife that left him both crushed and inspired. Sitting on his porch in Atlanta one afternoon, the newly single Mullins found himself searching for some sort of scapegoat. “Dealing with the split would be so much easier,” he thought, “if I could just blame the whole thing on my stupid heart.” With that, the title track for his new album was born, kickstarting the creation of a new studio album that will arrive next month on Rounder Sugar Hill Records. 

It’s been five years since Mullins released Light You Up. My Stupid Heart picks up where that record left off, whipping up its own variation of Americana with Mullins’ baritone at the helm. The tracklist cuts a wide swath, veering from Levon Helm-inspired roots-rock to New Orleans-worthy Dixieland. On “My Stupid Heart,” Mullins even splits the difference between two of the 20th century’s biggest pop architects — the Beatles and the Beach Boys — with help from a soaring string section and some thickly-stacked harmonies. (Listen to the song below.)

“This album is my most personal in years,” he tells Rolling Stone Country. “It’s about love: the romantic kind, the family kind and the love I have for my country. The constant theme throughout is to follow your heart.”

One of the first records to be released via Sugar Hill’s new merger with Rounder Records, My Stupid Heart will hit stores October 23rd, during the tail end of a cross-country tour that takes Mullins from a hometown show in Atlanta to a string of cities across the Pacific Northwest. It’s also his fifth album to follow 1998’s Soul’s Core, whose biggest hit — the half-spoken, half-sung chart-topper “Lullaby” — briefly made Mullins a Top 40 titan, with shows at Madison Square Garden and gigs alongside other late-Nineties kingpins like the Backstreet Boys and Destiny’s Child. In the aftermath of that short time in the spotlight, he’s held on to a devoted cult audience by taking his own advice and following his heart. . .even if it’s broken.

Janis Joplin's Bandmate Talks Heroin, Pool Hangs in Exclusive Doc Clip

A new documentary detailing the brilliant rise and sudden death of Janis Joplin, Janis: Little Girl Blue, will make its world premiere on September 5th at the Venice Film Festival. The film boasts a bevy of new audio and video footage, and in this exclusive clip for Rolling Stone, Joplin can be seen departing New York’s famed Chelsea Hotel and lounging with friends and bandmates in California.

As late Big Brother and the Holding Company Sam Andrew recalls in the clip, the band lived at the Chelsea while they were recording 1968’s Cheap Thrills, and then spent a good chunk of the year in Southern California when they weren’t on the road.

Set to Big Brother’s rendition of “Magic of Love,” the footage of Joplin and company poolside or running around New York is innocent enough. Though Andrew casually remembers, “We would get together and do heroin in these peoples’ rooms and just kind of, not nod off or go to sleep, but have really nice, mellow conversations.”

Janis: Little Girl Blue was directed by Amy J. Berg — who earned an Oscar nomination in 2007 for Deliver Us From Evil — and narrated by Chan Marshall (a.k.a. Cat Power), who will read from the rock legend’s personal letters.

The film will explore the two sides of Joplin: The storied, empowered musician on record and stage and the woman who remained haunted by insecurities borne out of a difficult adolescence in Port Arthur, Texas. Among the film’s unearthed gems is footage of Joplin playing “Me and Bobby McGee” for members of the Grateful Dead and the Band, as well as her return to Texas for her 10-year high school reunion.

Janis features interviews with Bob Weir, Clive Davis, Melissa Etheridge, D.A. Pennebaker (who also contributes film and audio from his archives) and Dick Cavett, as well as Joplin’s family, childhood friends and bandmates. Following its world premiere at Venice, the doc will make its North American debut at the Toronto Film Festival, which begins September 10th.

Casio Launches Grand Hybrid Digital Pianos With Revolutionary New Technology

Casio's New Grand Hybrid digital piano, the GP-300.DOVER, N.J., Sept. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Casio America, Inc., a leading manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, today announced two new, groundbreaking digital pianos – the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-500BP and GP-300. Designed to combine the advantages of digital…


Donald Trump on Why He Hopes Kanye Runs for President

Kanye West made waves during Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards when he capped off his 13-minute acceptance speech by announcing his plan to run for president of the United States in 2020.

Since then, comparisons between West and GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump have abounded. As Jimmy Kimmel pointed out in a recent video, they do have at least a few things in common, like bombast, a deep desire to be liked and an obsession with media ratings.

A market research firm even got a head start on polling for West’s 2020 bid, and found that Trump would beat West in a hypothetical election held today.

What does Trump think of all this? Rolling Stone got a chance to ask the presidential candidate during an exclusive sit-down interview at his offices in Trump Tower Tuesday. It turns out Trump is a big Kanye fan (these days, at least), and believes the feeling is mutual: “He’s said very nice things about me in the past… extremely positive things,” said the candidate, noting that he doesn’t “quite get” the comparisons between the two of them.

He also thinks he might’ve inspired West: “I was actually watching, I saw him [announce his candidacy on the VMAs], and I said, ‘That’s very interesting. I wonder who gave him that idea?'”

“He’s actually a different kind of person than people think. He’s a nice guy,” Trump said of West. “I hope to run against him someday.”

Hip Hop Caucus and Partners Launch Bus Tour To Organize Communities of Color Disproportionately Affected by Climate Change to Take Action

WASHINGTON, Sept. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Musicians, actors, environmental leaders and community activists are joining the People’s Climate Music “Act On Climate” National Bus Tour – a multi-state tour organized by the Hip Hop Caucus and its partners. Climate change is a life and…


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Casio annuncia nuovi pianoforti digitali con tre profili storici Historic Grand Piano

BERLINO, September 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

Nuova generazione sonora AiR Grand e tastiere professionali in legno

Sound Design sviluppato in collaborazione con C. Bechstein, costruttore di fama mondiale…


CASIO lance de nouveaux pianos numériques avec des sonorités mythiques rappelant trois grands pianos à queue

BERLIN, September 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

Ils utilisent la nouvelle technologie sonore AiR Grand et les claviers sont entièrement composés de touches en bois d’épicéa

Le son est développé en collaboration avec C. Bechstein, fabriquant de pianos de…


Hatsune Miku featueed in HachiojiP’s “Desktop Cinderella"

Hatsune Miku is featured in HachiojiP’s song and video for “Desktop Cinderella”. The music and lyrics were done by HachiojiP, while the music video was produced by WakamuraP. Check out the video HERE.


Hatsune Miku Releases New Demo Song

Hatsune Miku’s 8th anniversary is going on currently and Crypton Future Media has announced that the Hatsune Miku V4X will be released during the first half of 2016. The first demo song from producer tilt-six, …Read More