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I Am An American Citizen And I’m Tired Of Hearing About Gun Control

Not as a second amendment zealot, an NRA stooge, not as a gun control advocate (that isn’t to say I’m particularly opposed to the idea) fed up with too much talk and too little action as school shooting after school shooting savages our future, extinguishes our best and brightest. Rather as a person wearied of hearing about gun control as if it were the only thing to control instead of violence and the impetus towards it; who recognizes unless we do that, even should gun control’s most extreme faction succeed and citizen owned guns become a thing of the past, we will simply run out of things to ban and still have humanities violent tendencies to contend with.
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Changing America’s Prescription Drug Conversation To Acknowledge Some People Need Medication

…would it matter so much if there weren’t as big an environmental impact, would the issue be such a topic for discussion if there were plenty of anti-biotics, less fear needed medications won’t be effective in the shadow of overuse? Never voiced the concept we need both a reduction in frivolous use of anti-biotics, handing them out to sooth patients who actually have viral infections or using them instead of symptom treaters for viral infections and new, better drugs to handle resistance and superbugs; that many of our ‘ineffective” anti-biotics are also extremely old hampering their ability to treat constantly evolving bacteria. Interesting we’re sick of school shooters, mass shooters and madmen being missed before they commit their mayhem despite overwhelming warning signs but refuse to pay for the public mental health services that would have gotten them help, support changes in laws resulting in proper notifications, upgrades to registries of people not allowed to buy guns including a wider range of mental health parameters, chanting stop drugging us all on top of it. Anyone else left with the reverberation of make up your mind, you can have one or the other not both resounding in their head? Simultaneously Andrea Yates was a monster killing her 5 children Hayden Panettiere gets a news blurb and largely sympathy for getting help prior to harming her child; we’d say yay for progress except we get a creepy feeling thinking about all the children lost to postpartum depression parents and it’s much more potent cousin postpartum psychosis because citizens of the general public had cultivated mystical wonders around motherhood and doctors weren’t paying attention, enough attention to suspect a problem, women too shamed, embarrassed or too far gone to be honest with their medical professional. Remember Jake Lloyd got snark at the revelation of his schizophrenia diagnosis blasted by the media not himself; outside the weird bubble signifying Hollywood people merely rumored to have a mental illness, severity, degree be dammed, they are treated like the current generations typhoid Marry to be avoided as if just being around them will cause you to become sick too, mentally unstable too, true for perhaps the former not the latter. ‘Club Drug’ Ketamine Rescues Suicidal Patients: Study; echo chamber in full swing spouting they will try anything in the name of research. Dismissing it can’t be any more harmful than electro-convulsive therapy dressed up title for electro-shock, reentering the public consciousness by way of the movie A Beautiful Mind; naysayers clueless it’s still used on profoundly depressed American patients…Ironic the same people shouting no medication, too much medication are the same ones handing out death glares to parents of obviously autistic children when they have a meltdown in public, we have to have specialized movie showings and theater performances so autistic children can attend sans disturbing ‘normal’ viewers/participants… Drugs in their prescription form aren’t bad they treat disease, save lives, make the quality of those lives better; when did we lose that in calling specific disorders made up, when did we suddenly think we knew better than doctors, scientists about anything part from ourselves, believe it, our kernel of self-knowledge, gave us free reign to judge someone else? Read More