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Texas Gunman And Beyond: President Trump Is Right It’s About Mental Health

But if you want to talk about laws effecting mental health and the ability to buy guns, then we also have to talk about poor, non-existent coordination between law enforcement entities/agencies, lagging tech, too many databases and the information never put in them in the first place. Read More


Why Mental Illness Isn’t a Big Lie with Mass Shooters Regardless of Race

Interesting Chu leans heavily on the “expertise” of the mental health community engaging in its own “cop-out,” who has repeatedly said and maintains how hard it is to build an accurate profile of a mass shooter despite clear markers present in all the headlined shooters…. All exhibited by the latest Dylan Roof who was a transient student in school, changing so many times in his middle and high school years he wasn’t anywhere long enough to obtain a disciplinary file, while enrolled hardly showed up for class, dropped out in the 9th grade; before he brought a gun into Emanuel AME’s bible study he talked with friends about reigniting a race war, was banned from a local mall for asking people there bizarre questions, arrested again in the same location for trespassing, arrested for possession of a narcotic usually used to treat drug withdraw. Conclusion Dylan was spiraling out of control; Dylan Roof was in all probability suffering from some degree of mental illness making him susceptible to flashy propaganda selling the worst of humanity.Read More