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I Am An American Citizen And I’m Tired Of Hearing About Gun Control

Not as a second amendment zealot, an NRA stooge, not as a gun control advocate (that isn’t to say I’m particularly opposed to the idea) fed up with too much talk and too little action as school shooting after school shooting savages our future, extinguishes our best and brightest. Rather as a person wearied of hearing about gun control as if it were the only thing to control instead of violence and the impetus towards it; who recognizes unless we do that, even should gun control’s most extreme faction succeed and citizen owned guns become a thing of the past, we will simply run out of things to ban and still have humanities violent tendencies to contend with.
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GOP War On The Poor Round 2 Let Poor People Starve Rather Than Admit The Reality of Human, Economic Need

Still they do this, feeding tired tropes on laziness, unwillingness to work, racial politics harping about which minorities are on food stamps, generational cycles of persons on public assistance while reassuring hawkeyed tax payers monies culled will go to other services like additional funding for head start, as if that makes what they’re doing perfectly ok, all the better. Interesting for Judeo-Christian bible thumpers they appear to have conveniently forgotten charity, that Jesus said to look after the poor, fatherless and widowed, reminded crowds and his disciples the poor would always be among them and proscribed kindness. That whole do unto others as you’d have done unto you thing, as you’ve done it unto the least of these you’ve done it unto me idea lost unless you are ‘living right,’ unless you fit their mold of a good, moral person, never having made a mistake or been placed in a bad situation; though reading my bible, I don’t remember any of those stipulations attached to the paraphrased passages… And there is never an in depth conversation about how we treat persons with disabilities be they physical, learning, developmental delay or mental health issues, the differently abled in the workplace. The fact that the ADA (Americans with disabilities act) needs a 21st century makeover to compensate for all the ways employers have concocted to get around accommodations, avoid hiring varying disabled persons, persons who clearly have physical, learning or developmental problems yet are not labeled disabled. Opting for the quick fix of removing their food stamps a lifelong judgment of supposedly bad choices, tough love in saying deal with it… expensive to be feasible for persons already on food stamps, currently out of work; one in the central part of Missouri, top state where cuts were felt this month, has programs for in demand jobs CNA, medical and legal administrative assistants, office technology teaching clerical skills, construction skills for high school students, HVAC heating and cooling is popular with young men for the hands on work and good paying jobs it leads to. However tuition, for someone not aided by vocational rehabilitation, other community resource referral, agency to defer costs is in the thousands of dollars before you get to the consistent $1,000 for books/ supplies… Missouri, like most states across the country, has rural pockets where job training, vocational classes, volunteer venues are scarce let alone information about them; reality there may not 20 hours a week of volunteering/job training available especially competing on the volunteer side with public housing dwellers who must also complete X hours per month volunteering under much the same circumstances… . Physical mental, emotional ability to work, availability to work, updated skills doesn’t mean it’s as simple as actively pursuing a job, persevering, putting your best foot forward; coming back to the prevailing trend of condemning millennials for their clothing highlighted several underlying old issues creating barriers to employment…. Shocking is how many young adults who should be prime age to work, those just starting out are on food stamps, millennials who didn’t have a parents couch to fall back on, drowning in student loan debt, working as a barista, if they can get work at all, never going beyond because we never gave them a chance to get started in a career field…. And rather than talk about the tangible, palpable discrimination going on in the employment world, business’ growing, outlandish demands, their purple squirrel, candidates have to be prefect before hire problem, concurrently screaming they can’t find workers, republicans are carving out laws virtually sanctioning discrimination against the LGBT community…. Salon links are right on target, we would rather pay for prisons, the back end of mental health warehousing people who can never leave in psychiatric hospitals designated for the criminally insane when they aren’t languishing in jail cells, the prison psych ward, as opposed front end mental health involving diagnosis and treatment, help before a crime is committed. We would rather commit our tax dollars to long term consequences of poverty than engage in an ounce of prevention; we would rather pay for the long spanning burden of poverty than the, less over time, expenditure of alleviating it. We would rather stick to our mythology of the self-made American, tout the protestant work ethic of one religion as how it’s done, regardless of it never working for society for a host of reasons only a few listed here than abandon our prejudices against types of work, kinds of people, namely the poor and provide them a living wage by which to support themselves. Than give women equal pay for equal work instead of pretending they don’t deserve it because they dared take off during their child’s infant, toddler and preschool years, they are somehow less than because we took away their negotiating power through ignoring them, not taking them seriously in the workplace, then didn’t negotiate, salary, maternity leave, raise, whichever, or holding them back because they dared act like a man in trying to move up the employment ladder and women are supposed to do that…. Piggybacking off the question in the opening quote, promoting the ‘radical’ idea it is the responsibility of any beyond third world society, democratic society to see to that insurance of minimum health…. If we cannot be guaranteed basic dignity under the law, what’s the point of the whole enterprise?” Funny many thought, have run for office with a genuine desire to help the country, started social movements for rights and equality given to hitherto marginalized citizens on the foundation that was the point, the whole point and the only point. Read More