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Black Space Riders Releases Video for "Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove Love (Break the Pattern Of Fear)"

German Riffonauts BLACK SPACE RIDERS have just released the official video for “Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove Love (Break the Pattern Of Fear),” the first single from forthcoming album “Amoretum Vol. 2”. The journey begins at the following …Read More


Doc Rotten Releases “Sick & Suffering” Video

Doc Rotten has released a new video of the song called “Sick & Suffering”. Check it HERE.


NULL’O’ZERO Releases Video for "The Last One"

Greek heavy metal band, Null’o’zero, have released a new music video for “The Last One”, the track is taken of their new album “Instructions To Dominate”, due out on July 13, via ROAR! Rock Of …Read More


Beyonce, Jay-Z Drop New Album 'Everything Is Love' During OTRII Tour

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have always beenexperts at holding onto secrets, and today they revealed two. The first is thatthey have released a new, nine-track collaborative album under the name theCarters, titled Everything Is Love,which is available now via the streaming service Tidal; the two artists are co-ownersof the company. The second is that they somehow managed to shoot a video forone of the songs, “Apeshit,” in Paris’ famed art museum the Louvresometime last month with director Ricky Saiz, who previously led up Beyoncé’s”Yoncé” video.

The video is stunning with its wide shots of halls of art with no tourists in them – only Jay-Z and Beyoncé standing looking serene, like works of arts themselves, in front of “The Mona Lisa.” And then the beat kicks in, with a shot of them on a staircase with nearly nude bodies strewn about the steps that contract and move to the rhythm. “I can’t believe we made it,” she sings, a little Autotune in her voice, over a hard-hitting beat. “This is why we thankful, hey, hell, see a crowd going apeshit.” The couple are shown in front of “The Winged Victory of Samothrace,” “The Coronation of Napoleon,” among many other famed pieces of priceless artworks and antiquities, while dancing and posing.

Beyoncé also announced the record via Instagram a little before 3 p.m. PT on Saturday. The couple was in London, where they were performing together at London Stadium on their joint On the Run II tour. It was there that Beyoncé told the crowd about the album to a round of thunderous applause and cheers – handing out cards for six-month free Tidal subscriptions to the audience – before the words ‘Album Out Now,’ flashed across a screen at the stadium.

The couple kicked off its On the Run II tour in the U.K. a couple of weeks ago with a gig in Cardiff, Wales. Like the “Apeshit” video, it was a spectacle to behold. In a review of the show, Rolling Stone wrote, “Such was the sensory overload that occasionally you felt, as with an all-action blockbuster movie, that you might need to see this tour more than once to catch every nuance. And, as with such movies, a happy ending was inevitable.”

The couple will kick off a North American leg of the tour late next month in Cleveland. It will go through October, when it wraps in Seattle.

Beyoncé released her last album, Lemonade, as a feature-length HBO film in 2016; it was streamable only on Tidal for nearly two months. Her previous LP, Beyoncé, was a surprise release. Jay-Z put out his most recent record, 4:44, with a more traditional rollout, but was made available first to Sprint and Tidal customers.

Everything Is Love track list:

1. “Summer”
2. “Apes**t”
3. “Boss”
4. “Nice”
5. “713”
6. “Friends”
7. “Heard About Us”
8. “Black Effect”
9. “Lovehappy”

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Hear Flying Lotus' Enthralling New Adult Swim Single 'Heroes Pt. 5'

Flying Lotus has offered up an enthralling new track titled “Heroes Pt. 5” to the Adult Swim Singles series.

Keeping with the producer’s mind-bending, genre-blending style, the new song’s atmospheric synths glide along untethered from its propulsive beat and space funk bass lines. The track also samples and manipulates dialogue and sound effects from Dragonball Z, Pitchfork reports.

While Flying Lotus hasn’t released an album since 2014’s You’re Dead!, the producer has kept busy by collaborating with artists like Herbie Hancock and George Clinton as well as directing his debut feature film Kuso, a “stomach churning” horror film that Rolling Stone called “the grossest midnight movie of the last decade.”

“Heroes Pt. 5” is the first new Flying Lotus track since he dropped a series of unreleased songs, including “Quarantine,” on his Brainfeeder label’s SoundCloud.

“Heroes Pt. 5” concludes Adult Swim’s massive, yearlong Singles project, which featured previously unreleased music from artists like Dinosaur Jr. (“Hold Unknown“), DOOM, Brian Eno & Kevin Shields, Sleep, Thundercat and Wavves. Many of the Adult Swim-endorsed acts, like Run the Jewels, Zola Jesus and Thundercat, will take part in the two-day Adult Swim Festival on October 6th and 7th in Los Angeles.

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The Cramps Drummer Nick Knox Dead at 60

Nick Knox, longtime drummer for the influential psychobilly band the Cramps, died Friday at the age of 60.

Fellow former members of the Cramps, including the band’s second drummer Miriam Linna and guitarist Kid Congo Powers confirmed Knox’s death on social media. No cause of death was provided.

Born Nicholas Stephanoff, Knox served as drummer in the short-lived Cleveland protopunk band the Electric Eels before joining Lux Interior and Poison Ivy in the Cramps in 1977, replacing Linna behind the drums.

“I last saw Nicky – Nick Knox – who most you know as the drummer of note for 70’s bands the electric eels and the Cramps, last weekend, in intensive care at the Cleveland Clinic. It was heartbreaking, as I had spent a few great days with him at the end of April,” Linna wrote in a lengthy Facebook tribute; prior to reconnecting in 2017, Linna and Knox hadn’t seen each other in 40 years.

Powers, who played alongside Knox on the Cramps’ Psychedelic Jungle, tweeted, “Nick Knox Coolest of the cool. R.I.P. Glad to have played to your boss Beat. Meet you on the mystery plane.”

Knox was the longest-tenured drummer of the Cramps, which disbanded in 2009 following the death of frontman Interior. The drummer played on four studio albums – 1980’s Alex Chilton-produced Songs the Lord Taught Us, 1981’s Psychedelic Jungle, 1986’s A Date With Elvis and 1990’s Stay Sick! – as well as the punkabilly progenitors’ 1979 debut EP Gravest Hits.

Knox left the Cramps in 1991 and largely retreated from the music scene, collaborating with a handful of Ohio-area bands and DJing over the ensuing decades, Linna wrote.

“Many people will have great memories of Nicky,” Linna added. “I thank God that Nicky was a friend of mine. He was one of the kindest, funniest, most amazing human beings ever and I was very lucky to have been in his orbit.”

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Nine Inch Nails Bring Smoke, Refigured Classics to Vegas Residency

“We’re gonna do a mood shift,” Trent Reznor told the audience at Nine Inch Nails‘ gig Friday night in Las Vegas. “Instead of some happy, upbeat songs,” he said, pausing dramatically for laughter, “we’re gonna switch it up and do something melancholy.” His band then cued up the cascading synths it used on a remix of David Bowie’s “I Can’t Give Everything Away,” eerily replicating Bowie’s Berlin-era keyboard sound perfectly while Reznor coolly crooned the song’s lyrics as his “hero and friend,” as he called him, did when he recorded the song. It was a somber moment that hung in the air of the smoke-filled room, and it was one of many highlights of a gig that serves as a preview of what’s to come on the group’s fall tour.

The concert was the second show of a three-night Sin City residency, but other than one remarkably Elvis-like “thankyouver’much” after Add Violence’s shimmery “The Background World,” Nine Inch Nails were far from a Vegas act tonight. The band is in town to shake the rust off before they head out on what will be their most ambitious run of dates in four years

The “Cold and Black and Infinite” trek, as they’re merrily calling it, features many multi-night stops in big cities, and it’s clear that Reznor and company have anticipated that by preparing a large amount of material to play live. Only six of Friday night’s 21 tunes overlapped with the ones they played on the first night, and the band played a mix of fan favorites and newer material with a sense of swagger.

After a short set by Reznor protegee Queen Kwong, the night began in earnest when the roadies revealed the lights that would be facing the band and cranked up the smoke machines to fill the stage. About half an hour later, everything was covered in smoke, and the group kicked things off with “Branches/Bones,” the short, upbeat intro track to Not the Actual Events, an EP Nine Inch Nails released in 2016 that became the first in a trilogy. 

Although the group is putting out the final release in that series, Bad Witch, next week, they focused the setlist on the first two EPs, also playing Add Violence’s synth-pop paean “Less Than” (a track that’s so catchy and quintessentially Nine Inch Nails it sat perfectly next to The Downward Spiral’s “March of the Pigs”) and Events’ sludgy “Burning Bright (Field on Fire).”

By and large “heavy” was the order of the evening, as the group doled out a litany of guitar-saturated rockers: “Wish,” “Head Like a Hole” (a tune that sounded gutsier than usual with floor-shaking guitar) and The Fragile’s “The Day the World Went Away” (which Reznor said the group had not rehearsed). In other parts of the night, they played around with the rhythms of “Closer,” giving it a little bit more syncopated funk and sneaking in the synth line from “The Only Time,” and they played a reworked version of Pretty Hate Machine’s “Sanctified” that was overall quieter with some jittery keyboard lines and none of the Atari-style synths of the original. After “Burning Bright,” keyboardist Atticus Ross and guitarist Robin Finck manipulated samples of Trump speaking while a bad TV signal was broadcast on the two screens.

Reznor did not explain his intentions in any of this to the sold-out crowd of about 4,000 – fans who were a mix of black fishnet–clad goths and general T-shirt-wearing hard rockers – but he did look like he was enjoying himself. Throughout the night, he had fun playing around with some of the songs, saying, “You got it, you got it,” he chanted hip-hop style, “you can be closer now” after a particularly funky “I want to fuck you like an animal” recitation in “Closer,” he “oooh’d” way up high during “March of the Pigs” and he generally stalked the stage as he always has, playing various instruments and leaning into his microphone.

During the band’s four-song encore, Reznor, in a rare moment of banter, told the audience he didn’t take it for granted that they came out to see him. Throughout the night, the crowd had hung on his every note and sung along loudly to hits like “Head Like a Hole” and deep cuts like “Piggy” and “The Wretched.” “Thank you for coming,” he said. “It keeps us able to face the ever-horrific world, which seems to be going fucking crazy. Thank you for sending that energy back to us.” And with that, they closed things out with “The Day the World Went Away” and “Hurt,” for which he sang next to Finck on an acoustic guitar. By the time, the song ended with some crushing guitar chords, the crowd looked so elated that you’d almost believe it that the songs were “happy” and “upbeat” as he’d joked.

Nine Inch Nails Set List:

“Copy of A”
“Less Than”
“March of the Pigs”
“The Frail”
“The Wretched”
“I Can’t Give Everything Away”
“The Background World”
“The Great Destroyer”
“Burning Bright (Field on Fire)”
“The Hand That Feeds”
“Head Like a Hole”


“The Day the World Went Away”

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The Protest Unleash "What Else You Got" Video

The Protest have released a new video of the song called “What Else You Got”. Check it right HERE.


AyOwA Releases Video for New Single "Alt Det Du Ku"

AyOwA have just unveiled the video for their new single “Alt Det Du Ku”. Check it over HERE.


Static Fires Releases New Video for "Black Velvet"

UK alt rock crew STATIC FIRES, release their debut album, “Thirteen”, on August 10th 2018. The rising rockers have also just dropped a new video for “Black Velvet”, found here: