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Hear David Bowie's Rare, Original 'Holy Holy' From 1971

David Bowie will kick off a series of box sets later this year with the 10-album Five Years: 1969 – 1973, which includes a two-disc compilation of non-album singles, rare versions of songs and B sides called Re:Call 1. One of the most notable outtakes is the rare, original mono version of “Holy Holy,” a marching, psychedelic glam rocker in the vein of T. Rex. The song, streaming below, finds Bowie wanting the devil inside him and expressing the need to be left alone.

The song came out only once in 1971 on a 45, after the release of the album The Man Who Sold the World, and has never been reissued. The singer later recorded another version of the tune for The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, but shelved it until it came out as a B side to “Diamond Dogs” in 1974; it is that later version that came out on subsequent reissues of Bowie’s catalog.

The Five Years box set contains six of Bowie’s studio albums, from Space Oddity to Pin Ups, including new remasters of those records as well as The Man Who Sold the World and Hunky Dory. It also features two live albums and a 2003 mix of the The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. The CD version of the box set will contain a 128-page book, while the vinyl edition will contain an 84-page book, both of which feature rarely seen photos and notes from producers Tony Visconti and Ken Scott along with a foreword by Kinks frontman Ray Davies.

In addition to “Holy Holy,” Re:Call 1 contains the mono UK single edit of “Space Oddity” and an unreleased single edit of “All the Madmen,” among others. The track list for those discs is available here.

The box set, which will be available on both CD and vinyl as well as digitally, will be available on September 25th.

Martina McBride's July 4th Performance to Stream Live

Twenty-one years after releasing “Independence Day” — a song about a mother’s escape from an abusive relationship on the Fourth of July — Martina McBride is gearing up to headline Nashville’s biggest July 4th celebration to date. 

McBride, whose Everlasting Tour stretches until late October, tops off a two-day bill that also includes Mikky Ekko, country guitar heroes Striking Matches and pop-rock pianist Gabe Dixon. Appropriately, the event will be held on a four-block stretch of Lower Broadway, with an estimated 280,000-plus attendees squeezing themselves between the honky-tonks and western stores that line the street. Beginning at 6:30 p.m. CT on Saturday evening, country fans at home can live-stream the performances, too, with McBride taking the outdoor stage at 8:10 p.m. The live-stream option is available online here and via the AT&T U-verse app.

Saturday’s biggest attraction, though, will likely be the 9:30 p.m. fireworks display. For months, Nashville and New York have waged a friendly arms race with one another, both cities attempting to collect the country’s largest stock of fireworks shells. Nashville won, with Saturday’s fireworks show — which will be synchronized to a live performance by the Nashville Symphony — now expected to be the largest in America. Sorry, Big Apple. 

Following her performance at the “Let Freedom Sing” Fourth of July party in Nashville, McBride — who has been a passionate voice during the recent “Tomatogate” controversy — will head west for a string of shows in California.

Aphex Twin Alter Ego AFX Preps New EP, Releases New Song

Aphex Twin returned last year after a nearly 13-year absence with the lauded LP Syro, and now mastermind Richard D. James has revived his other alter ego, AFX, who will drop a new EP, Orphaned Deejay Selek (2006-2008) on August 21st via Warp.

Album cut “Serge Fenix Rendered 2″ is currently available to stream, and boasts a steady four-on-the-floor bump that hits erratically beneath a barrage of glitchy, whirring synths.

Orphaned Deejay Selek (2006-2008) will be available on 12-inch vinyl, as well as CD and digital formats. The eight-track collection marks James’ first under the AFX moniker since the Analord series, which arrived on Rephlex between 2003 and 2005. Orphaned Deejay Selek is available to pre-order, and a complete track list is below.

James has been making up for lost time since the release of Syro, the first proper Aphex Twin album since 2001’s Drukqs. Along with the forthcoming AFX release, James followed up last year’s LP with the new Aphex Twin EP, Computer Controlled Acoustic Instrumentals pt2, which arrived in January. Around the same time, the enigmatic producer began dumping hours of previously unreleased music onto a SoundCloud page attributed to a generic username.

While James did not release any music during his break, the musician remained busy, telling Rolling Stone last year that Syro alone represented “about a fifth of what I’ve done in the last 10 years. One album out of many possible ones.”

Despite cultivating a rabid following over the years, James said he wasn’t sure people were still interested in his music when he was working on Syro. But he noted that a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money to download the lost Aphex Twin record Caustic Window helped change his mind about releasing new material. “That was really touching, and really sweet,” he said. “And I’m getting a bit older. It’s like, ‘Okay. People out there really, really want stuff off me, so I can’t deny it. Let’s put it out.'”

Orphaned Deejay Selek (2006-2008) Track List

1. “serge fenix Rendered 2″
2. “dmx acid test”
3. “oberheim blacet1b”
4. “bonus EMT beats”
5. “simple slamming b 2″
6. “midi pipe1c sds3time cube/klonedrm”
7. “NEOTEKT72″
8. “r8m neotek beat”

We Saw Rihanna Hold Nearly 100 Fans Hostage in Los Angeles

Last night in Los Angeles, Rihanna celebrated the debut of her tough, NSFW video for “Bitch Better Have My Money” by taking hostages. Nearly 100 fans were invited to a Tidal-sponsored event, blindfolded and then put onto luxury buses with the windows covered by black curtains — destination unknown.

Invites were emailed on Monday to local Tidal subscribers and the quickest to respond were given just enough details to attend. Some arrived expecting a live Rihanna performance. Others didn’t expect to see her at all. Either way, it was to be another exclusive “Tidal X” event promoting the service launched by Jay Z and now co-owned by a crowd of major artists, including Rihanna herself. During the commute, a host led a Rihanna quiz show on the first bus, throwing cash at blindfolded fans for reciting lyrics and answering trivia questions. When the buses landed, it was at the landmark Bob Baker Marionette Theater downtown, where ancient handmade puppets greeted guests inside.

“Oh, it’s kind of creepy,” one young woman said as she walked through a dark hallway — she ended up in a room full of drinks, desserts and a waiting pair of Tarot card readers. Piñatas hung from the ceiling and Rihanna hits blasted from a stereo.

After fans took their seats, the “Bitch Better Have My Money” video soon boomed from a big screen, opening with a parental advisory warning that promised grown-up “language,” “nudity” and “violence.” It delivered on all three, with feature-film production values and its star taking bloody revenge for debts unpaid.

“Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!” Rihanna shouted when she finally appeared to loud cheers, her long red hair draped over one shoulder. She thanked fans for “allowing me to kidnap you.” The singer introduced the filmmaking duo from French collective Megaforce who co-directed the music video with her. “It took four days and nights to shoot this,” Rihanna said. “They held me down and helped me execute my vision. . . . Did you like it?”

Almost as soon as she asked, there was a loud bang in the room, and a shower of dollar bills fell from the ceiling as fans scrambled. Rihanna was suddenly gone.

She returned later as guests mingled over food and drink and she personally handed out more wads of cash, something like the stylish crime boss she portrays in the video. One guest, Penny Davis, 50, opened her purse to show two neat stacks of bills, still snug within bank straps. “She handed this to me,” she said, eyes wide with disbelief. “She kissed my hand. Very warm. Had me shaking afterwards.”

Before her exit to a waiting Cadillac SUV, Rihanna posed for group photos with her guests. “If you can see the camera, the camera can see you,” she instructed, speaking from experience. “You guys are the best fans ever. Thank you so much.”

As guests lined up for the bus ride back to their cars, many were still taking in the brief but exciting encounter with the platinum superstar. “It was really cool. I honestly didn’t think she would be here,” said Natalie Uzcategui, 30. She brought her sister, Stephanie, 23, who was still talking about the video. “It seemed like a movie and I wanted to see more.”

For another fan, Jessica Ulloa, 25, the close proximity to Rihanna left a new impression of the singer. “It gave you the idea of her being someone real. She’s nice and sweet, and I like her more,” said Ulloa, who arrived not knowing what to expect. “It wasn’t a performance but it was something, and we were close and she trusted us to be respectful of her space. A lot of artists don’t do that.”

Watch Cassadee Pope Sing 'Invincible' From Sassier Second Album

Cassadee Pope’s first solo single, “Wasting All These Tears” follows a long tradition of devastating, pop-country power-ballads. The track opens with the singer prostrate “on the bathroom floor,” so distraught that her “loneliness was rattling the windows.” This tune remains the Florida native’s biggest success to date, but you won’t find her in the same state on her next album. “It’s very empowering,” the singer tells Rolling Stone Country of her new work. “Very sassy. . . I’m showing a little bit more of an edgy side of myself.”

Part of this lyrical confidence boost stems from Pope’s experiences in the aftermath of her solo debut, Frame By Frame, which came out in 2013. Thought the album reached the top spot on the country charts, the singer admits there’s “been a certain amount of struggle.” While “Wasting All These Tears” was a Top Five hit — a rarity in an era when young female singers frequently have difficulty climbing the charts — her second single, “I Wish I Could Break Your Heart” (co-written by Ashley Monroe), didn’t get near the Top 25. In a post-“Tomatogate” world, Pope’s not afraid to attribute some her struggle to unfair treatment. “It has a lot to do with being a female in country music,” she says. “We get a little bit more of a difficult journey.”

But this hasn’t discouraged the singer — quite the opposite, in fact. “I really pulled from that [experience] in a positive way,” she says. “I haven’t let it bring me down or make me want to quit. It’s actually added fuel to my fire.”

She believes radio consultant Keith Hill’s controversial analogy about women only being the tomatoes in country radio’s salad sparked an important debate for the future of country music — and for the reception of her sophomore solo album. “It was quite obvious that there were more men in country music than women — at least more men being played on the radio,” she notes. “It just took one person to acknowledge that and explain why that was happening. And I think everyone knows now that it’s not fair [and] it has to change at some point. A lot of the fans miss hearing women on the radio, and now they’re speaking up.”

Pope’s ready to give those fans something to clamor for. She’s been playing a new song, “Invincible” in her live shows, and it’s possible that the track will be her next single. No tears here: “I’m invincible,” she sings on the soaring hook, her voice buttressed by heavy power chords. “I’m unbreakable, I’m unstoppable, I’m a hero, like a phoenix from the ash.”

“Invincible” is the result of a focused burst of creativity. Pope reports that she’s been writing five days a week for the past seven months, with everybody from Liz Rose to Kip Moore, along with powerhouse producer/writer Nathan Chapman and Lady Antebellum singer Charles Kelley. Her record label president, Scott Borchetta has also been heavily involved in the studio. “I have way more songs than I need,” Pope acknowledges. “It’s exciting; it’s a good problem to have.”

Though she has a surplus of material, Pope is going to take her time to make sure her next record comes out the way she wants it. “The sophomore album is in many ways scarier and more intimidating than the first one,” she recognizes. “I want to make sure that I’m explaining myself and explaining where I am in my life perfectly with these songs.”

5SOS's Ashton Irwin Reveals His Favorite Instagram Accounts

Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer sees himself as a visual person, so it’s no wonder he’s become the band’s King of Instagram. “I like visual things, so I think Instagram is more appealing to me than things like Twitter or Facebook,” the drummer tells Rolling Stone. Here are three of his favorite accounts on the photo-sharing platform:


“They just post photos of cute animals all day.”


Follow @toby_littledude. A canine hipster with attitude!

A photo posted by Animals (@instaanimal) on Jun 28, 2015 at 5:49pm PDT

Alex DeLeon 

“He’s from the band the Cab, and he just posts endless awesome photos.”


regram @teddysphotos. jon snow got us drunk.

A photo posted by Alexander DeLeon (@alexanderdeleon) on Jun 2, 2015 at 11:29am PDT

Zildjian Cymbal

“It’s really good! They just post videos of drummers in different bands all day everyday, so that’s a cool thing for me.”


#zildjianfamily #benstoneofficial #helenefischer #percussioncam #gopro @gopro

A video posted by Zildjian Cymbal Company (@zildjiancompany) on Jun 25, 2015 at 2:14pm PDT

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Straight Line Stitch Releases Video for "Human Bondage"

Straight Line Stitch have released a new video for “Human Bondage”. Check it out HERE.


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