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Lindemann, the new project of Rammstein lead singer Till Lindemann alongside Peter Tägtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy), will have its long-awaited debut album Skills In Pills released on June 23, 2015 via Warner Bros. Records in the …Read More

Of Euphoria @ Whisky A Go Go 4-27-15

Conducting From The Grave Re-releases Debut EP and Announces Departure of Frontman

Conducting From The Grave have been quite busy as of late, Recently making the announcement of their vocalist situation, which you can read below, as well as celebrating their 10 year anniversary together. In celebration …Read More

The Funeral Portrait @ Whisky A Go Go 4-27-15

Alesana’s Confessions Tour Draws to a Closing Point on Its Cycle

The Confessions Tour a brief yet stable touring trek that was wrapping up come its stop by the infamous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California. The tour only having 6 dates remaining the acts …Read More

Capture The Crown @ Whisky A Go Go 4-27-15

Lords of the Trident Releases Video for "Light This City"

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT have released a new live performance official video of the song “Light This City” taken from their recently released album “Frostburn”. Lead vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein has checked in with the following …Read More

Alesana @ Whisky A Go Go 4-27-15 (Black and White)

Alesana @ Whisky A Go Go 4-27-15

Free Range Parents in Trouble Again: Time to Take the Children?

To be done away with once and for all, the idea you create better people by treating them with mild, often not so mild, dangerous neglect from birth; you are building character, fortitude, self-reliance, grit leaving them to their own devices, forcing especially children to figure huge things out on their own instead of teaching them…Another parent learned a lesson before it became the hardest one of their lives talking about a simple run home from the grocery store; “A couple of years ago, my youngest son was to stay in an afterschool program for tutoring. He decided that he didn’t feel like it and got on the bus and came home, he was 8. I was grocery shopping and because I had gotten frozen foods, I was going to stop home. As I approached my block, there was a van with a man sitting in it looking down our street. I even thought to myself as I looked at him “wow, way to look like a stereotype” . I almost threw up when I turned the corner and saw my son standing down the block, swinging his backpack. the guy in the van sped off. No one wants to live like a prisoner but why set up an opportunity…Read More