Daily Archives: September 13, 2020

Esprit D’Air to Launch Concert Worldwide on October 24, 2020!

Esprit D’Air is set to perform a special live concert to celebrate their 10th anniversary on October 24, 2020. The live performance will be streamed on their official website espritdair.com, where fans can purchase a …Read More


Corona Virus Exposes Global Problems But Also The Limits of Progressive Policies, Progressive Based Countries

Former vice president, current presidential candidate, now presumptive democratic nominee Biden was right single payer healthcare is had in Italy, throughout Europe and it didn’t help; indicating Medicare for all would do very little to combat the enormity of a pandemic in the U.S. Similarly yes other countries are providing UBI (universal basic income), guaranteeing a majority of people’s employment wages, merely furloughing workers not firing them; yet, the question isn’t can they do it, but how long they can do it without looking like failures such as Greece amidst its financial crisis. Read More