Daily Archives: February 1, 2020

Sprints Talk of Music, History, and Plans Ahead

SPRINTS are back – the raw and raucous post-punk four-piece from Dublin are proud to announce their upcoming third single ‘Kissing Practice’, due for release on Feb 14th. Recorded and mixed by Daniel Fox (Girl …Read More


Terrible Orange Things Discusses Music, Playing and Themselves!

Alternative go getters TERRIBLE ORANGE THINGS is a recent up and coming addition to the music scene. With a couple of releases so far out there, and a debut EP coming soon, the band wants …Read More


Altostratus Discloses Details Behind the Music and the Band!

Instrumental metal band ALTOSTRATUS have been together, for a while now releasing content and playing shows as well of course. But what makes such a unique concept of music take off, well the band discloses …Read More


Electric Black Talks of Music Creativity and The Creation of the Band

Hard acoustic melodic rockers ELECTRIC BLACK have an all new album out currently, with massive touring plans to take place this spring or come the fall. Their follow-up album is already in the works, writing …Read More


Huston And Harvey, Porto Rico And Maria, Florida and Irma, California’s Fires: Natural Disasters And The Things We Never Learn

Extreme weather, climate change takes the brunt of the blame; earths warming temperatures due to greenhouse gases changing weather patterns leading to the devastation before us while American and other world leaders deny the clear science behind it earing the scorn of our youngest generation. However virtually with every natural disaster Americans wake up to the increasing disappointment the America they thought they had doesn’t exist, the government, the safeguards they believed would protect them have left them bereft, preventions for local/regional weather phenomenon, climate change induced or not, not taken costing lives and livelihoods.

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