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Watch Johnny Marr's Moody New 'Walk into the Sea' Video

Johnny Marr has unveiled his new video for “Walk into the Sea.” The song hails from his upcoming third solo album, Call the Comet, which will be released on June 15th.

Marr co-directed the clip alongside Mat Bancroft. The visuals find him and his band performing bathed in blue light flanked by a starlit-styled backdrop. The pensive song begins with subdued piano, a light beat and a bright guitar melody, but the slow-burning opening crescendos with building chords and a spoken word delivery from Marr.

Brexit and the election of President Donald Trump influenced Call the Comet, where Marr musically fashions an “alternative society” set in the “not-too-distant future.”

“I wouldn’t call it a concept record,” Marr told Rolling Stone of the album. “But it’s got a unifying theme going through it about the Earth welcoming a different intelligence from the cosmos to save us from our own plight. The title Call the Comet is sort of a conscious plea for a new way.”

“Walk into the Sea” follows previously released Call the Comet singles “Hi Hello” and “The Tracers.” Marr will embark on a North American tour this fall, beginning at Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, Tennessee on September 15th.

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Global Commercial Vehicle Market 2018-2022 by Pickup Trucks, Minibuses, Large Buses, Coaches, Body Chassis, Lorries, Light Trucks, Heavy Trucks, Trailers, and Semi-Trailers

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Watch New Short Doc Exploring Career of Hip-Hop Alchemist Rammellzee

The remarkable hip-hop alchemy of Rammellzee is explored in a new short documentary, Rammellzee: It’s Not Who But What, from director Oscar Boyson. The Safdie brothers helped produce the film, which was released by Red Bull Arts New York in conjunction with the exhibit RAMMΣLLZΣΣ: RACING FOR THUNDER and closed the Red Bull Music Festival.

Rammellzee rose to prominence as a graffiti artist in late-Seventies New York City, but the nine-minute film showcases the true breadth of his work, which included performance art, sculpture, writing, philosophy and music. While Rammellzee may have been best known for his graffiti, he found the term too narrow for his brand of gothic futurism. Instead, as the film shows, Rammellzee felt a far greater connection with the monks who illuminated and preserved manuscripts during the Dark Ages.

It’s Not Who But What also looks at Rammellzee’s peculiar, but no less innovative, forays into music, as well as his chameleonic sensibilities. Over the course of his career, the multihyphenate embodied a variety of distinct characters and personae, crafting Voltron-esque costumes for each out of recycled material.

Bassist and producer Bill Laswell summed up Rammellzee’s omnivorous approach to art, saying, “It’s not like a musician, it’s not a painter who only paints – it’s a whole universe. There’s the obvious things, and he’s got nothing to do with obvious.”

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Elvis Presley's '68 Comeback Special to Hit Movie Theaters This Summer

Elvis Presley‘s legendary television special Elvis, better known as the “’68 Comeback Special,” will be screened in movie theaters this summer to mark the 50th anniversary of its airing. The screenings will take place on Presley’s death, August 16th, and again on August 20th.

The owner of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Authentic Brands Group–which also owns and manages branding for Marilyn Monroe and Shaquille O’Neal, among others–is arranging the screening with Fathom Events. They have yet to announce the screening times.

“Seeing Elvis onscreen is one of the most memorable and influential brand experiences and we look forward to bringing this special and future events to audiences around the world,” ABG’s senior vice president of entertainment, Marc Rosen, said in a statement.

“ABG is recognized as a global leader in the brand space and the company’s commitment to creating immersive brand experiences aligns perfectly with Fathom’s dedication to providing our audiences with exclusive, interactive and memorable cinema events,” Fathom Events CEO Ray Nutt said. “We look forward to working together on many exciting projects for cinema audiences worldwide, beginning with this rare concert experience for Elvis fans.”

Presley’s comeback special came at a time when the King had been appearing in movies rather than recording music or performing live. It opened with footage of him dressed in a slick, black leather jumpsuit–curling his lip the way his fans remembered–and included a loose, “sit-down” set where he played his early hits with members from his backing band in the Fifties.

“Elvis was hardly ever nervous–but he was then,” drummer D.J. Fontana told Rolling Stone in a feature about the special last year. “We played a couple of songs, and it got loose after a while, and it turned out fine. He just had been out of the public eye for a long time.”

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Shawn Mendes on Drinking, Kanye and Playing Governors Ball This Weekend

“I’m still really young in terms of being a musician,” saysShawn Mendes, 19. How young is he? Mendes speaks of Justin Bieber as one of hisearliest musical heroes and talks about Kings of Leon like they’re aclassic-rock band. But the pop heartthrob – who broke through five years ago onthe defunct social media app Vine – has released three major-label albums,scoring radio hits like “Stitches” and “Treat You Better.” His new single “InMy Blood” is his rockingest song yet, and has already racked up 120 millionstreams on Spotify. The success means that Mendes no longer feels like just asocial media star: “I was stuck as a Viner in people’s minds for a long time,”he says. “I feel like I’ve finally broken free from that.”

You’re playing at Governors Ball shortly before Jack White and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Does the thought of playing to a field of rock fans intimidate you?
Totally. I don’t know if any of Jack White’s fans are gonna know who I am, but the thing about festivals is it’s the moment to not be a name but to be a musician and an artist. I’m just gonna get onstage and do what I do because that’s all I can do. Then maybe one day I’ll be in Jack White’s position, and that’s the dream.

You just played for Queen Elizabeth II at her 92nd birthday. Did you meet her?
I didn’t. I stood next to her for about 10 minutes while she was getting ready to go onstage. But I don’t think you can speak to her unless she speaks to you. And so I didn’t. Being so close to her, you realize she’s just a regular lady.

Were you tempted to talk to her?
So badly. I wanted to just shake her hand, but it’s really against the law. [Note: No law forbids anybody from speaking to the queen, but it is customary to allow her to speak first.]

You also played for Elton John at his Grammy tribute show. Was that more pressure than meeting the Queen?
Much, much more pressure. I was nervous and my hands were shaking and my body was shaking. But like the Queen, Elton is also like the coolest guy ever. I got off stage and he called me to his dressing room just to basically say, “Hey, man. What’s up? I love the new music and I’m so proud of you. It’s so amazing to see how you’re touring and how you’re handling everything. You should be really happy with yourself.” It was just a really, really kind of surreal moment.

You’re compared to Justin Bieber all the time. Is that unfair?
One thing people may not know about me is how much I look up to Bieber. I don’t think I’ve ever truly told him he was my main inspiration for what I wanted to do. I learned every one of his songs by heart. He taught me how to riff and sing. So every time someone asks me about Bieber, I always say, “That’s the biggest compliment you could give me.”

Canada has produced an abnormally large number of great songwriters, considering the tiny population. Why do you think that is?
I think because it’s winter for 10 months of the year that we’re forced to stay inside and that we get very inside our heads and very inside our emotions. We get in touch with our emotions better, and therefore we are able to put it on paper better.

Better Canadian band: Rush or the Tragically Hip?
No matter what I say, I’m gonna get backlash, but I would say the Tragically Hip. But actually, I have a very invalid opinion because I’m so young. I don’t think I’m a true enough fan to answer that.

The drinking age is 19 in Canada. How do you handle being in America when you can’t legally drink?
I drink a shit-ton when I go home, and I just don’t drink in America. I get it all out when I go home.

What’s your drink of choice?
I love rye and ginger. But I had to slow down because they don’t feel good the next morning, so I just started drinking tequila, and it’s better. I drink either Don Julio or Casamigos.

Being in America must be frustrating then.
I don’t find it frustrating because I care about alcohol. I care about time with friends in bars. I’m being denied a social experience, not an alcoholic beverage. I wish I was allowed to just go in the bar and drink a pop because then I would at least be there with everyone and I wouldn’t have to be in my hotel while everyone else is at the bar.

Do you think they should lower the drinking age in America to 19? 18?
I think 18 is is a fucking great idea because when you’re in London everybody seems so mature at 20. But in America there’s this kind of pressure that builds inside of needing to go to the bar that by the time you’re 21, which is like a full adult, you just explode. I feel like a lot of crazy things kind of happen to kids when they first go out instead of if it was a few years younger. Maybe they wouldn’t have been so tempted to go that crazy.

I know you’re a big Kanye West fan. What do you find most inspiring about his music?
Just his creativeness, man. His ability to not be afraid to say what he wants. I think a lot of people make music based off what is working, and he is somebody who makes the music that people base their music off. That’s inspiring.

Are you turned off by any of his recent tweets or political statements?
Obviously, there’s a lot of things I disagree with what he’s saying. But I don’t know enough about any situation politically right now to kind of have a proper opinion. But as an artist, I’m not turned off of Kanye West. I think he is a great artist and he always will be to me and his views and opinions politically and emotionally are his to have. It’s not to do with me. I mean, obviously he’s said some very messed up stuff that I disagree with and everyone else, but for the most part, he’s still kind of a great artist to me and it’s somebody I admire as a musician.

You get a lot of online attention for your abs. Do you eat any carbs?
I eat tons of carbs. I just work out a lot, dude. I go to the gym every morning, and I’m obsessed with fitness and just staying active. But I’m not the best to talk about when it comes to diet. If there’s fries in front of me, I’m definitely not gonna say no.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever seen?
I saw Maroon 5 play at Rock in Rio in Brazil. Adam [Levine] sounded incredible, the whole band, everything was so amazing. Kings of Leon, though, are my favorite band live.

What’s your favorite movie?
End of Watch with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña. It’s just so sad and it’s just like a very real movie. It just feels so real. I just watch it all the time. It’s so great.

What’s it like to pick up a tabloid and see a photo of yourself walking down the street next to a woman and read rumors about your personal life?
It’s not confusing to me. I get it. I understand when people talk about it and why people want to talk about it and I think that I’m just really honest with people. If I was dating somebody, it would be super clear and I would say it. I have nothing against hiding that stuff. It is what it is to me. It just is. Let people talk about it. But the truth is, if you wanna know if I’m dating someone, just ask me and I’ll tell you truth always.

Okay. You’ve been photographed a lot with Hailey Baldwin. Are you dating her?
I’m not dating Hailey. We’re really great friends, honestly. I met her through some friends and she’s just super calm, super down to earth, and somebody who really kind of understands people and works really hard at keeping relationships with people in a really inspiring way. So, we’re just great friends, honestly.

Do you ever wish you grew up before the era of social media?
No, because I would have no career [laughs].

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