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PriceSmart Announces Second Quarter Results of Operations

PriceSmart, Inc.SAN DIEGO, April 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — PriceSmart, Inc. (NASDAQ: PSMT) today announced its results of operations for the second quarter of fiscal year 2018 which ended on February 28, 2018.
For the second quarter of fiscal year 2018, net warehouse club sales increased 5.7% to…


General Moly Updates Exploration Program for Copper, Silver, and Zinc at Mt. Hope Project

Figure 1: Generalized Plan Map of Exploration at Skarn Area, Mt. Hope SE Area. The yellow shapes are projections from the model based on the zinc grade.  If the total thickness of 2% zinc was 20 feet or more, it was highlighted in yellow. The 20-foot accumulation may not be continuous. For example, it could represent two layers of 10 feet within the vertical stack of the mineralized zone. Potential mineralization is above the 6,500-foot elevation, which is 200 feet to 700 feet from the surface.– 3D Induced Polarization Results Reinforces 2D Analysis Previously Produced, Geologic Review Underway
LAKEWOOD, Colo., April 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — General Moly, Inc. (the “Company” or “General Moly”) (NYSE American and TSX: GMO), the only western-exchange listed, pure-play…


Watch David Guetta Play Evil Emperor in New 'Flames' Video With Sia

Ninjas take down an evil emperor played by David Guetta, in the action-packed new video for his latest collaboration with Sia, “Flames.”

The Lior Molcho-directed clip stars Lauren May Kim, Erin Wu and Courtney Chen as the Flames, a trio of young ninjas studying under a martial arts master, played by Danny Trejo. Amidst learning how to chop wood with their bare hands and spear flies with chopsticks, an army of attackers swarm the master’s compound, killing Trejo’s character and kidnapping the Flames.

The kidnappers bring the Flames back to Guetta, but instead of going quietly, the trio shake off their handcuffs and swiftly dispose of the masked goons. But the Flames are unable to overcome the emperor’s magical powers, until the ghost of the master appears in the sky and encourages them to band together. The trio do so, and dispatch the emperor by shoving his flame-throwing hands into his crotch. 

Guetta and Sia released “Flames” last month. The track marks the pair’s fourth collaboration, following “Bang My Head,” “She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)” and their 2011 hit, “Titanium.” 

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Hornet Bolsters Executive Team With Alim Dhanji As New Chief Operating Officer

HornetNEW YORK, April 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Hornet, the world’s premier gay social network, today announced that Alim Dhanji, a seasoned global executive with over 20 years of experience scaling companies, will join the company’s executive team as Chief Operating Officer, reporting to…


Long-Term Celgene (CELG) Investors: Johnson Fistel Investigates Celgene Corporation; Encourages Long-Term Investors to Contact the Firm

SAN DIEGO, April 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Johnson Fistel, LLP is investigating potential violations of the federal and state securities laws by Celgene Corporation, (NASDAQ: CELG) (“Celgene”) and certain of its officers.
Recently a Securities Class Action Complaint was filed on behalf…


Crystal Group Rugged Servers Bring Combat Proven, Field Tested Performance to Sea Air Space 2018 Exposition

Crystal Group Logo, Hiawatha, IAHIAWATHA, Iowa, April 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Crystal Group Inc., a leading designer/manufacturer of rugged computer and electronic hardware, will demonstrate its latest advanced technologies – including the all-new RS1.533S18G Rugged Server for increased weapons system…


Jared Leto on New Thirty Seconds to Mars LP, Perils of Touring

The new Thirty Seconds to Mars album, their fifth, has what frontman Jared Leto calls a “rather, um, loaded title,” and he’s not kidding: It’s America. It’s also the most electronics-heavy album for the band since its self-titled 2002 debut, and its most pop-friendly LP ever, complete with guest appearances by Halsey and A$AP Rocky and production on one track by Zedd. “It’s not necessarily big, bombastic guitar anthems,” says Leto, fresh from landing in Italy for an arena date with the band. “For a long time, I wanted to make an album about the American dream and America as a concept – and as I was halfway through, I thought, ‘I guess I’m making that album now.'”

On the single “Walk on Water,” you sing, “Making love with the devil hurts.” Could you expand on that sentiment?
It’s the old story about the rabbit that wanted to ride on the back of the crocodile. And at the end he eats the rabbit and says, “I’m a goddamn crocodile. What did you expect?” So if you make a deal with the devil, there are certain things you can expect. “Walk on Water” is a song very much about the times we’re living in.

Is the devil perhaps in the Oval Office?
You could take that as one example. I played it in Paris to 15,000 people, and I was stunned how loud they sang that song. You can write a song about America, but these are global concerns. 

What led you toward electronic sounds on this album?
I’ve always loved that mix, whether it’s Depeche Mode, or the Who using synthesizers, or Pink Floyd using whatever technology to get where the song needed to go. Also, loud cymbals and distorted guitars don’t translate in this day and age. If you turn that stuff up now, your ears start bleeding.

Isn’t that really because everything’s being mastered too loud?
You’re totally right. It used to be pleasurable to crank up Zeppelin or Nirvana to 12 in your car. Now everyone would complain – it’s so piercing, so bright. I do think that has something to do with stylistic choices that are pervasive in music today.

What modern pop and hip-hop are you drawing on?
Kanye is always an inspiration for his bravery. And one of my favorite songs in the past few years has been Father John Misty, “Bored in the U.S.A.” I hadn’t heard that kind of truth spoken in a song in a really long time. In general, some of the biggest songs in the world now have, like, three instruments, including the vocal. We’re in this time of incredible minimalism, and for a band that’s been full-on maximum, it’s fun to experiment in new territory and break our own rules.

You named your tour after the huge-sounding new instrumental “Monolith.” Were you inspired by Hans Zimmer?
Not directly. With the instrumentals, I say to the engineer, “Excuse me, I need that chair for a little while,” and I open up Pro Tools and start, basically, composing. I’ve always loved soundtracks ever since, like, Ennio Morricone and Tangerine Dream. I even loved fucking Chariots of Fire when I was a kid. And The Last Temptation of Christ is one of my favorite albums of all time. “Monolith” is the intro for this giant, kinetic sculpture that we have in the middle of the arena on this tour – and there is a 60-foot-tall monolith in the building.

So you managed not to pull a Spinal Tap and end up with a 60-inch monolith?
Yeah [laughs]. But we have plenty of that. We start out playing inside this giant rectangular box. There is great potential for us to get stuck inside this thing. But our concerts are so loose that if it happened, it would probably turn into the best show of the tour. And then we’d send the production home and never use it again.

You filmed Suicide Squad and Blade Runner 2049 while working on this album. Does any of that bleed in?
When I focus on something, I’ll focus on it completely, and when I make music, I’m part manager, part marketer, part creative director, part producer, writer, musician, singer, songwriter. I enjoy it, and it drives me fucking nuts a lot of times. For this album, we have a documentary film about America, filmed in every single state on a single day, July 4th, last year. We’re in the middle of editing. It’s been an onslaught of incredible creative challenges. Probably the hardest that I’ve worked ever in my entire life.

As a huge tech investor, how do you feel about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?
I don’t fuck with crypto. That should be the name of the album, really. I asked the two smartest people I know, two of the most successful people in the world, and they both had a negative view on it. Which doesn’t mean that those two people can’t be wrong. 

You’re a Smashing Pumpkins fan. Thoughts on the D’arcy-free reunion?
Idon’t…I didn’t even know there was a reunion. Sorry.

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