Yes: An Animated Breakdown of the Band Over 19 Iterations

The induction of Yes into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the culmination of an amazing 50-year journey for the progressive rock giants. They’ve gone through a lot of lineup changes through the decades, and now tour in two competing camps. The spinoff group Anderson Rabin Wakeman actually has two more Hall of Fame inductees than the band billing themselves as Yes. It’s so complicated that we created a cartoon that tells the whole story. We have some fun with some of their stranger moments, but this all comes from a place of real love for the band. In order to keep it under 45 minutes, we had to glide past some albums and lineup changes. We know all about Relayer, Tormato, Talk, Open Your Eyes, Magnification, Fly From Here, Patrick Moraz and Igor Khoroshev. We just couldn’t cram them into this thing or it would have been longer than Lawrence of Arabia.

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