Watch Jidenna Crash Wedding in Epic 'Bambi' Video

Jidenna crashes a wedding in the cheeky new video for retro soul song, “Bambi,” from his just-released debut LP The Chief. The wild clip finds the R&B star reminiscing about a lost love on a park bench, checking his pocket watch, furrowing his brow and swigging some liquid courage from a before taking off in a slow motion sprint through the streets.

Jidenna continues running-and-swigging to fight the tortured memories that follow him in the reflections of a car windshield and bodega window. As “Bambi” swings with a distinct contemporary twist, a disheveled Jidenna finally arrives at the church where he tries to fight through the crowd to make one last desperate plea to his lover before she walks away with her new husband.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jidenna spoke about the diverse mix of influences on “Bambi.” “I didn’t grow up in a very musical household, but during the holidays, my mother used to always play Nat King Cole, good old Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin. That song is a product of those moments, when I’d be singing those melodies, those Harry Belafonte melodies, but fusing that with West African Highlife and trap music. I’ve never really made that many love records. That’s a special song to me to dig deep and show that side of myself.”

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