Watch Amber Coffman Dance With Bald Eagle in 'No Coffee' Video

Amber Coffman flirts with a sharply dressed bald eagle in her wacky “No Coffee” video. Director Zia Anger captures the former Dirty Projectors singer in a lovestruck daze as she gazes longingly out her apartment window, crunches a full styrofoam cup full of coffee, zooms around in an office chair and croons into a gas station pump.

In a statement, Coffman describes the clip as “a bit of a commentary on the American Dream, which I think informs a lot of our romantic endeavors, and often times in a not-so-healthy or fulfilling way.”

The soulful “No Coffee” highlights Coffman’s upcoming debut LP, City of No Reply, out June 2nd. The 11-track album also features her recently released single “All to Myself.”

In a new interview with Pitchfork, Coffman said she hoped to avoid being “pinned down into any one style” with her debut. “[That’s] why I veered away from working with electronic producers,” she said. “I tried writing over beats people would give me, and it just felt too limiting. When I first started this whole journey, I didn’t really know how it was gonna come together or who was gonna work on it. It was very open.”

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