Review: Sun Kil Moon's 'Common' Is a Stream-of-Consciousness Epic

Three years after the resplendently sorrowful Benji –Mark Kozelek’s apotheosis, 20 years in, as asongwriter-cum-barstool-storyteller – comes this 130-minutestream-of-conscious brain dump, delivered over dreamy grooves driven byex-Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley. The obsessions (death, boxing, massmurder, indie-rock inside baseball) feel more obsessive; the diaristic stylemore diaristic (“May 28th, 12:58 A.M., 2016,” he intones on “ButchLullaby,” a requiem for a fellow traveller). Sometimes it drags,hypnotically or solipsistically, then a line – about the Orlando shootings, orBowie’s death – snaps things back into dazzling, desperate, furious focus.Taking its place alongside recent work-in-progress-style releases by Kanyeand Kendrick, it’s an epic for our unfiltered moment. 

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