Review: Sleater-Kinney Are Raw, Explosive on 'Live in Paris'

With a cover like a xeroxed Nineties feminist ‘zine and a recording like a hi-fi fever-dream of a cassette bootleg worn out in your pre-owned Cavalier, Live in Paris is a 48-minute purge reaffirming the power of that hoary rock cliché, the live LP. Recorded last March, landmarks like “Dig Me Out” and “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone” are as breathtaking as 20 years ago. But the revelations are raw reloads from 2005’s farewell The Woods and 2015’s comeback No Cities to Love, which throb with new context. “1984 is such a bore!” Corin Tucker sneers on “Entertain,” before demanding “Whose side are you on?” Whose, indeed?

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