Review: Laura Marling Sings Woman-to-Woman on 'Semper Femina'

“A thousand artists’ muse/But you’ll beanything you choose” observes Laura Marling on the title track of SemperFemina, which ditches male pronouns to focus on women’s relationships withone another. It’s a timely set, especially for a Brit who makes the U.S. apart-time home. You can hear the double-life: Nick Drake ghosts “TheValley,” while Joni Mitchell remains a touchstone (“Nouel”).Producer Blake Mills highlights Marling’s guitar while adding his own. Buther own voice just grows stronger, literally and figuratively: On “WildFire,” advising a lover or frenemy to “stop playing that shit out onme,” she’s a wordy folk-soul queen of entirely her own making. 

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