Jay Z, Frank Ocean Criticize Pop Radio on 'Blonded' Beats 1 Show

Frank Ocean and Jay Z chatted about the state of radio and pop music in a conversation that aired during Ocean’s surprise Blonded radio show on Beats 1 Friday afternoon.

During the conversation, Jay Z bemoaned that radio had become “an advertisement model,” Pitchfork reports.

“You take these pop stations, they’re reaching 18-34 young white females. So they’re playing music based on those tastes,” the rapper pointed out. “And then they’re taking those numbers and they’re going to advertising agencies and people are paying numbers based on the audience that they have. So these places are not even based on music. Their playlist isn’t based on music.”

The interview was a rarity for both of the “No Church in the Wild” artists involved; ironically, the Jay Z conversation was broadcast on Apple Music, a streaming music competitor to the Jay Z-owned Tidal.

The rapper also called up a movement to “revolutionize” radio to make it “more progressive.” “It’s unfortunate because with technology and everything moving forward … it should be a better way that the music, the musicians, radio, and these things that are supposed to be instruments for the arts, should exist,” Jay Z added. “And it shouldn’t be about advertisement.”

Jay Z’s comments on pop radio reflected Ocean’s remarks about the Grammys in a scathing open letter to producers.

“Believe the people. Believe the ones who’d rather watch select performances from your program on YouTube the day after because your show puts them to sleep,” Ocean advised producer Ken Ehrlich and writer David Wild. “Use the old gramophone to actually listen bro. I’m one of the best alive. And if you’re up for a discussion about the cultural bias and general nerve damage the show you produce suffers from, then I’m all for it.”

Ocean’s Jay Z interview was the only time the singer actually appeared on the two-hour Blonded radio show, which featured a playlist that included songs by Prince, Sade, Ty Dolla $ign, Pixies, Future, Outkast and Ocean’s own “Slide” with Calvin Harris and Migos.

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