Hear Tim Heidecker's New Spoof 'Bob Dylan's Trump Campaign Song'

Tim Heidecker combines two frequent targets of his song parodies on the comedian’s new track “Bob Dylan’s Trump Campaign Song.”

“Here’s the song Bob Dylan wrote and recorded for Donald Trump’s 2026 Presidential Campaign. Unfortunately, it was never used,” Heidecker wrote on his Bandcamp.

With his pitch-perfect Dylan impersonation, Heidecker sings on the track “Fake news about the environment / Global warming it’s a hoax / Job killing regulations killing regular folks / Small business man is overtaxed ain’t no way he can hire / Ain’t never been a time when things have been so dire.”

“Bob Dylan’s Trump Campaign Song” is available to download now for $1, with all proceeds going toward hurricane relief.

Over the years, the Tim & Eric star has spoofed both Dylan and Trump in song: In 2012, Heidecker mocked Dylan’s epic 14-minute song about the Titanic with a 15-minute track titled “Bob Dylan’s Titanic.” Heidecker’s “Talkin’ Nobel Prize,” a nonchalant response to the prestigious honor, followed in October 2016.

The comedian has also poked fun at Trump with songs like the “Margaritaville”-aping “Mar-a-Lago,” about Trump’s Florida resort, as well as “Trump’s Pilot” and “Trump Talkin’ Nukes.”

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