Hear Thurston Moore's Brash Guitar Epic 'Cease Fire'

Thurston Moore‘s new song “Cease Fire” is a six-minute, shape-shifting epic bursting with guitar bravado. As the song blossoms, “Cease Fire” becomes more krautrock-like in structure, providing a foundation for Moore to unfurl a series of mesmerizing solos. 

“Guns are designed to kill and we, as non-violent human beings, are against the killing of any person or animal,” Moore said of “Cease Fire” in a statement. “The song is also about the power of love, in all its freedom of choice. A power that no gun can extinguish as love will rule always. Melt down your guns and kiss your neighbor.”

“Cease Fire” is available as a free download through Moore’s site. The guitarist’s last solo LP was 2014’s The Best Day; it’s unclear if “Cease Fire” is the first sample of a new album. Moore’s most recent release was “Chelsea’s Kiss,” a song recorded in support of Chelsea Manning.

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