Hear Jamiroquai's Vibrant New Disco Song 'Cloud 9'

Jamiroquai aim for the irrepressible groove of vintage disco on “Cloud 9.” The new track will appear on the group’s upcoming album, Automaton, their first release since 2010. 

Guitars push new track “Cloud 9” forward with a series of quicksilver riffs, nodding to Chic classics. Lead singer Jay Kay delivers triumphant lines in graceful, melodic arcs: “Only a fool could walk away from me this time/ I’m walking on air, and every cloud is cloud 9.”

“‘Cloud 9’ is a song that’s written in the style that I hope people know us for and are familiar with,” Kay said in a statement. “It’s a song that anyone that has been jilted and yet found love somewhere else will no doubt relate to … get in the car stick it on the radio and just drive.”

“Cloud 9” will be the third track on Automaton, an album inspired by “the rise of artificial intelligence and technology in our world today.” 

Automaton is set for a March 31st release. 

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