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Dubai-based EDM Producer Shuja Rabbani Introduces new Sound with Third Album Instalment

DUBAI, UAE, September 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —
An independent EDM producer from Afghanistan with a significant following in the Middle East is hoping to break into the global music scene with the release of his third album.
‘Lip Service’ is music producer and a newly-trained DJ…


Suge Knight's Fiancee, Business Partner Charged with Violating Court Order

Suge Knight‘s fiancée, Toilin Kelly, and the former rap mogul’s business partner, Mark Blankenship, have each been charged with violating a court order when they allegedly sold sealed video evidence related to Knight’s murder trial to TMZ, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office announced on Wednesday.

The pair was indicted on July 28th for one felony count each of conspiracy to violate a court order, conspiracy to obstruct justice and conspiracy to commit grand theft. The indictment was unsealed on Wednesday following Kelly’s plea of not guilty to the charges. Blankenship will be arraigned at a later date on the same charges.

Kelly and Blankenship are accused of arranging the sale of surveillance video of the fatal hit-and-run incident that Knight is accused of perpetrating in January 2015, which killed Terry Carter. Knight, who is awaiting trial on murder charges for Carter’s death and attempted murder of Cle “Bone” Sloan who was also struck during the incident, has pleaded not guilty and claims he acted in self-defense.

Kelly and Blankenship allegedly began working on the video sale two weeks after the incident and spent nearly a month calling and texting between themselves, TMZ, Knight, attorneys and other individuals to arrange the sale of the video surveillance footage, according to the indictment. The indictment alleges that some of the parties were aware that that there was a protective order that prohibited the release of the video. In the communications listed in the indictment, the parties negotiated the price for the video, which was allegedly sold to TMZ for $55,000.

If convicted on the threefelony counts, Kelly and Blankenship face up to three years in prison. The pairis also accused of allegedly assisting in a plan to bribe witnesses to testifyon Knight’s behalf. Knight and his attorney Matthew Fletcher are accused oforchestrating the bribery. Fletcher has denied the allegations.

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Jamie Lidell Previews 'Extended Beginnings' EP With New Song 'You Rewind'

British soul singer Jamie Lidell has announced a new EP. The follow-up to last year’s Building a Beginning, his Extended Beginnings EP will be released on September 18th via his own imprint, Jajulin Records.

To preview the album, which drops on his birthday, the singer unveiled new song “You Rewind.” The moody track reflects on past regrets. “The way I treated you it was a crime,” he confesses, before he hauntingly sings, “Your voice on the telephone/ just calling me/ all the time/ to rewind.”

In addition to unveiling the new EP, Lidell is launching a new podcast called Hanging Out With Audiophiles, where he discusses the creative process of music making with producers, engineers and fellow artists. The first episode features Patrick Carney of the Black Keys. Future episodes include guests A-Trak, Chromeo, Paul Epworth and Dave Stewart.

Extended Beginnings EP Track List
1. “What Are You Afraid of?”
2. “Love Me Please”
3. “You Rewind”

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Eröffnungszeremonie des 2. Zhuhai Internationalen Mozartwettbewerbs für junge Musiker in Zhuhai, China, am 12. September

ZHUHAI, China, 14. September 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Nach über einem Jahr Vorbereitung wurde im Zhuhai Huafa & CPAA Grand Theatre in Zhuhai, China, am Abend des 12. September die Eröffnungszeremonie des 2. Zhuhai Internationalen Mozartwettbewerbs für junge Musiker abgehalten.
Zu den…


La cérémonie d'ouverture du 2e concours international Mozart de Zhuhai pour les jeunes musiciens s'est déroulée à Zhuhai, en Chine, le 12 septembre

ZHUHAI, Chine, 14 septembre 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Après plus d’un an de préparation, la cérémonie d’ouverture du 2e concours international Mozart de Zhuhai pour les jeunes musiciens s’est déroulée au Zhuhai Huafa & CPAA Grand Theatre à Zhuhai, en Chine, dans la soirée du 12 septembre….


Ceremonia inaugural del 2º Concurso Internacional Mozart de Zhuhai para jóvenes músicos – Zhuhai (China) – 12 sept.

ZHUHAI, China, 13 de septiembre de 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Tras más de un año de preparación, tuvo lugar la ceremonia inaugural del 2o Concurso Internacional Mozart de Zhuhai para jóvenes músicos en el Gran Teatro Zhuhai Huafa & CPAA de Zhuhai (China) en la noche del 12 de septiembre….


Retroclubnyc opens in Chelsea catering to 30+ crowd

A sneak preview of Retroclubnyc's parlor area!NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Retroclubnyc, a New York City club dedicated to dance music from the 70s, 80s, 90s through today, and catering predominantly to an over 30 crowd has opened in Chelsea. The newly renovated and retro-designed club space at 161 W. 23rd St boasts over 2…


Cerimônia de abertura do 2o Concurso Internacional Mozart de Zhuhai para Jovens Músicos foi realizada em Zhuhai, na China, em 12 de setembro

ZHUHAI, China, 13 de setembro de 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Depois de mais de um ano de preparativos, a cerimônia de abertura do 2o Concurso Internacional Mozart de Zhuhai para Jovens Músicos foi realizada no Zhuhai Huafa e CPAA Grand Theater, em Zhuhai, China, na noite de 12 de setembro….


Watch the Killers' Rousing Cover of David Bowie's 'Fame'

The Killers visited BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge Wednesday to perform their Wonderful Wonderful single “The Man,” with a twist: Brandon Flowers and company segued immediately into a faithful rendition of David Bowie‘s “Fame.”

As per tradition, artists occupying the Live Lounge deliver an exclusive cover – recently, Coldplay’s Chris Martin performed Paul Simon’s “Graceland” – and the Killers used the opportunity to debut their take on the Young Americans classic.

“Fame” isn’t the first Bowie song that the Killers have played live: Back in 2005, “Moonage Daydream” regularly popped up in the band’s setlists, with their take on Diamond Dogs‘ “Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me” taking its spot the following tour.

The Killers closed out their Live Lounge set with “Mr. Brightside.” Flowers recently spoke to Rolling Stone about the 2005 single’s sudden resurgence.

“I hope it doesn’t eclipse anything else we’re doing,” Flowers said of the Hot Fuss track. “It just keeps snowballing and getting bigger. That said, anybody that’s ever started a band envisions something like that happening to them. It’s incredible. I can’t complain.”

Wonderful Wonderful is out September 22nd.

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Kamaiyah on Making Feel-Good Hip-Hop, Becoming a West Coast Icon

“If I’ve [made a hit] once, I can do it again,” asserts Oakland rapper Kamaiyah. “Visually, creatively – anything that I do won’t ever stop.”

There’s plenty of reason to believe her. The past year alone has seen her flip blog buzz into a spot among XXL‘s 2017 Freshman Class; a critically acclaimed mixtape, 2016’s A Good Night in the Ghetto; and collaborations with YG. The most notable of them – the Drake-assisted “Why You Always Hatin?” – features the MC settled in the lap of luxury, asking “Please, please, tell me, why you always hatin’?”

After the release of her debut single, 2015’s “How Does It Feel,” critics applauded Kamaiyah’s feel-good hits and pitch-perfect executions of the classic sounds of West Coast hip-hop: punchy snares, soft hi-hats and thundering 808s. In an industry shuffling between Atlanta- and New York–centric sounds, Kamaiyah makes her roots plain. 

“I felt like, ‘I don’t want to come out and not sound like I’m not from Oakland,'” the 25-year-old says. ” When I was creating my project, I knew that was one thing that should be distinguished. I don’t want to sound like I’m from Atlanta, I don’t want to sound like from New York, I don’t want to sound like I’m not from nowhere else but the West Coast.”

After all, it was Oakland that first fed her, taught her and rallied behind her in the way only a tight-knit scene can. But given the West Coast’s prolific production of male rap legends, she still had to work to carve out a niche. “It’s a more independent market there,” Kamaiyah says. “The culture doesn’t allow female hip-hop artists to have a voice because it’s been so male-driven for so many years – it’s really hard to build a dominant platform.”

“I don’t want to sound like I’m not from nowhere else but the West Coast.”

It helps that her her bright, bubbly flows offer a refreshing contrast to the darker side of rap. More expressive are her visuals, which often evoke the feel of the Nineties: Her music videos, like the one for her latest single “Build You Up,” seem like scenes from a teen classic you have yet to see. On songs like “Freaky Freaks,” and “N*ggas,” her lyrics recall the raunchy-fun antics of TLC or Salt-N-Pepa. 

“I’ve never been uncomfortable with being an artist who writes about her life,” she says. “I feel like it’s the power of how you speak and what you do and how you carry yourself. I’m gonna allow you to know that aspect of [my life] and flip the power in a manner so that I’m respected. It’s all about how you say it and what you say.”

Though she’s never afraid to borrow from the past, she’s just as enthusiastic about her future: Her highly anticipated mixtape, Don’t Ever Get It Twisted, is slated for release later this year. Whatever the move, there’s always the same motive. “I want to be a West Coast icon,” she says. “Like when you think of the West Coast, without a doubt, my name should be one you throw in. I think I’m deserving of that title.”

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