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Winx Club to Air On Over the Air Channel KidsClick!

Winx Club a cartoon centered around young girls who turn out to be fairies, which launched back in 2004 via FoxKids, then later moved on to Nickelodeon. Which would hop onto Netflix would be returning …Read More


Watch Chance the Rapper Announce $2.2 Million Fund for Chicago Schools

Chance the Rapper announced Friday that his SocialWorks organization has raised $2.2 million for the Chicago Public Schools’ arts programs.

“Quality education for public schools is the most important investment a community can make,” the rapper said at Chicago’s Harold Washington Cultural Center, four days before the school year begins in the city.

“So today, all of us at SocialWorks are excited to take our biggest, boldest step yet and announce our first-ever grants from the New Chance Fund. Today we’re giving a new chance to kids in 20 more schools across our city.”

The donations will be spread be 20 schools in the Chicago public school system, with each school receiving $100,000 over the course of three years.

Chance also announced the inaugural Twilight Awards, which will take place in Chicago in June 2018. The event, hosted by James Corden and featuring special guest performances, will celebrate “teachers, parents, principals, and students that convey leadership.”

For the announcement, the rapper wore a black turtleneck tucked into his faded jeans, a nod to late Apple CEO Steve Jobs he noted. Chance the Rapper opened his presentation by discussing two things that have weighed upon him since his return to Chicago after his latest tour.

“Twice, just in the last month that I’ve been back, I’ve had someone tell me that they were going to shoot me,” Chance said. “This is obviously just talk; both were small altercations and I could tell immediately upon point of contact that these young people had a chip on their shoulder. That they felt undervalued or cheated. And that’s the way Chicago is.”

At the same time, the rapper has seen how much his young daughter has grown and has begun weighing early education programs for her. “These are the two most pressing things on my mind: The thought of finally sending my daughter to school, and the unease of the city she’s entering into.”

Following an initial $1 million donation in March, SocialWorks will provide another $1.2 million in addition to Chance the Rapper’s other charitable efforts, including providing 30,000 Chicago schoolchildren with backpacks stuffed with school supplies.

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'Mickey' Singer Toni Basil Sues Disney, Viacom Over Song Use

“Mickey” singer Toni Basil has sued Disney and Viacom over the unauthorized use of her 1982 hit in shows like South Park and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

In the lawsuit, filed Thursday at Los Angeles County Superior Court, Basil also lists retailer Forever 21 and publishing company Razor & Tie as companies that have violated the song’s copyright, which has left the singer “despondent and physically ill.” The singer has also “experienced sleep deprivation, nightmares and anxiety,” the lawsuit notes (via BBC News).

The lawsuit accuses the companies of charges ranging from violations of California business and professions code and the Lanham Act to “federal racketeering mail fraud and wire fraud.”

In the case of South Park, Basil cites a November 2008 episode where – following Barack Obama’s presidential win – the lyrics of “Mickey” were changed to “Hey Obama, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Obama, hey Obama.”

“Mickey” was also used during advertisements of a Disney-themed Forever 21 line and in an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, “when they had drag queens lip sync to her sound recording of ‘Spanish Mickey,'” a Spanish language version of the track.

“Basil’s brand and identity is intertwined with her song ‘Mickey.’ Basil is protective of her brand, and her signature song is known as a cheerleading anthem and an 80s one-hit wonder,” the lawsuit says. “A reasonable consumer would be lead [sic] to believe Basil had approved and/or endorsed.”

In each case, “Mickey” was properly licensed through the publishing arm of Razor & Tie. However, the lawsuit contends the publishing company didn’t have the right to license “Mickey” and details the long and complicated history of the song’s ownership. Basil was never consulted over the song’s use.

Basil is seeking $25,000 in damages (plus $750 per song use) as well as the return of the “Mickey” rights. Reps for Basil, Disney and Forever 21 did not immediately reply to requests for comment. A rep for Viacom declined to comment on the case.

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