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Watch Dave Grohl Listen to Old Foo Fighters Demos in Deleted Doc Outtake

Dave Grohl unearths a pair of Foo Fighters demos, “Watered It Down” and “Slackers Password,” in a hilarious outtake from the Seattle episode of 2014 HBO documentary miniseries, Sonic Highways.

In the intimate scene, producer Barrett Jones – who co-produced Foo Fighters’ self-titled 1995 debut LP – hosts the songwriter at his Laundry Room recording studio. Between reminiscing about their friendship and ogling Jones’ guitars, Grohl listens back to the demos with a series of awkward expressions, as if flipping through an old high school yearbook.

“Watered Down” is highlighted by a bizarre vocal take in which Grohl repeatedly shouts the song’s title in a goofy voice. “Interesting … and weird,” he comments after hearing the track. The more intricate “Slackers Password” showcases Grohl’s nimble drumming and opens with another goofy vocal aside. “I kind of remember that now,” he says.

Earlier this year, Jones uploaded more deleted scenes featuring early Grohl songs “Gods Look Down,” “Rent (Jerky Boys)” and “Floaty.”

Foo Fighters will release their ninth album, Concrete and Gold, on September 16th. The band worked with acclaimed pop producer Greg Kurstin (Adele, Tegan and Sara) on the LP, which they’ll promote this fall with a tour launching October 14th in Richmond, Virginia.

The record will feature lead single “Run,” along with two songs the band have debuted onstage: “Dirty Water,” premiered earlier this month in Paris, and “La Dee Da,” unveiled at an Icelandic festival in June.

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Report: R. Kelly Leads 'Cult,' Brainwashes Young Women

R. Kelly has been accused of “brainwashing” at least two aspiring female singers into sexual servitude in his homes in Chicago and Atlanta, Buzzfeed News reports. The investigation spoke to the families of both women, who said that Kelly preyed upon the women using physical and verbal abuse. 

The Buzzfeed report alleged that Kelly keeps at least six women, all of legal age, on a pair of his properties. There, he dictates what they eat, how they dress, when they bathe, when they sleep and how they engage in sexual encounters, which he reportedly records. The women must adhere to a certain set of “rules” or face punishment. Kelly allegedly issues the women new cell phones and any communication with their parents is considered a breach of the rules. In many cases, the women have cut off all communication with their families, the report says.

One woman, who was once in Kelly’s entourage confirmed the report. “You have to ask for food. You have to ask to go use the bathroom … [Kelly] is a master at mind control. … He is a puppet master,” she said of the singer. In total, three women who were “former members of Kelly’s inner circle” contributed to the report.

“R. Kelly is the sweetest person you will ever want to meet,” said Asanta McGhee, one of Kelly’s former employees. “But Robert is the devil.” (Kelly’s birth name is Robert Kelly.) 

Kelly has not responded to the allegations. His Chicago lawyer Linda Mensch responded to Buzzfeed in an email, writing, “We can only wonder why folks would persist in defaming a great artist who loves his fans, works 24/7, and takes care of all of the people in his life. He works hard to become the best person and artist he can be. It is interesting that stories and tales debunked many years ago turn up when his goal is to stop the violence; put down the guns; and embrace peace and love. I suppose that is the price of fame. Like all of us, Mr. Kelly deserves a personal life.”

Kelly has a history of alleged sexual misconduct. In 2003, he was arrested for 12 counts of possession of child pornography after police searched his home in Florida. At the time, the singer had already been in four lawsuits in which he was accused of having sex with underage girls. When the pornography case was tried in 2008, Kelly was acquitted on all charges. 

The new report details how Kelly preys upon aspiring singers by offering to help them with their careers. What begins as a professional relationship turns sexual over the course of clandestine phone calls and text messages, the report says. Over time, the women end up living in one of Kelly’s homes. In one case, a woman dropped out of a Georgia college and took up residence with other entourage members in Kelly’s suburban Atlanta house.

In the case of two of the families that spoke to Buzzfeed, the women themselves rebuffed multiple “welfare checks” by authorities. Because the young women are over the age of consent, the families say they are hamstrung in their attempts to reunite with their daughters.

“I have not talked to my daughter in more than a year,” one mother said. “We’ve had deaths in the family, birthdays, and I haven’t heard from her and she hasn’t been here for any of it. I didn’t even hear from her on Mother’s Day. All I want to do is bring her home.”

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Dua Lipa: 'Scared to Be Lonely' Singer on Pop Breakthrough, 'Dance-Crying' Style

Backstage at Bonnaroo, Dua Lipa has a hard time believing what just happened. Two hours ago, she took the stage in the 90-degree Tennessee heat to an overflow crowd full of fans who sang along to every word of her moody pop songs, even though most of them have been out only a week. Stalking the stage in a white tank top and a choker, Lipa seized on the energy, firing off acrobatic kicks and punches, urging everyone to “Make some fucking noise!”

“There are some moments
 where I just stop dancing and
 stare because I’m trying to take 
it in,” says Lipa, 21, in a thick 
London accent. She recalls playing for a small crowd at Lollapalooza only a year ago, when 
she was little more than a curiosity to bloggers. But in the past 
few months, she’s dominated 
U.S. festivals like Governors Ball
 and Coachella, while her jittery
 heartbreak ballad “Scared to Be
 Lonely” has surpassed 300 million Spotify streams. In June,
 her first LP debuted in the Top
 10 in several countries. “It’s overwhelming and really exciting,” she says. Lipa likes to classify her music as “dance-crying”: “It’s a thing!” she says. “Lyrically, it’s really sad and upsetting, but then you want to dance to it.”

Lipa grew up the daughter of Albanian immigrants who had left Kosovo during the politically tumultuous Nineties. (When he wasn’t working in marketing, her dad sang in a Police-influenced rock band.) But her parents always dreamed of returning to Kosovo, and around the time it declared independence from Serbia, they did. Lipa was 11, and struggled with the adjustment. At 15, she managed to convince her parents to let her return to London and live on her own.

She became obsessed with pop music and enrolled in the famous Sylvia Young Theatre School, where Rita Ora and Amy Winehouse are alumnae. Lipa started posting YouTube covers, mainly to get the attention of classmates. But she also got the attention of Ben Mawson, Lana Del Rey’s manager. He organized an intense period of artist development for her: five days a week in the studio, working with different writers until something clicked. “Sometimes it’d be really scary for me to open up in a room with co-writers,” she says. She got over it. Lipa said she wrote “Hotter Than Hell” about “a relationship that really fucked me over.” “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” is a bitter anthem aimed at a modeling agent who once told her to lose weight.

For the album, Lipa enlisted big-name collaborators like Nineteen85 (who has produced Drake and Nicki Minaj) and Emile Haynie (Del Rey, Eminem). She also recruited Chris Martin, of her favorite band, Coldplay, after sending him an email. He invited Lipa to L.A. to write (their duet, “Homesick,” closes the album).

By getting past her nerves and pitching Martin, Lipaproved she’s getting closer to becoming the confident character she is in hersongs. “I’d pretend that I was really cocky and actually didn’t give afuck,” she says of being in the studio. “It was therapeutic. I’dlisten back and be like, ‘Yeah! I’m a badass!'”

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