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Shanghai Symphony Orchestra welcomes New York Philharmonic to 2017MISA

SHANGHAI , July 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The New York Philharmonic will join the 8th Music in the Summer Air (MISA) in Shanghai from July 2-8, 2017, for its third annual performance residency as part of the Shanghai Orchestra Academy and Residency Partnership.
Since 2010, MISA has been…


Elizabeth Hunter Ashley, M.M. is recognized by Continental Who's Who

DANVILLE, Calif., July 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Elizabeth Hunter Ashley, M.M., is recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Lifetime Member in the field of Music Performance.     
Hunter Ashley is an International Vocalist and Music Instructor based out of “The P…


nTTx Announces New EP!

Toronto based nTTx (electro-industrial/EBM) returns with a follow up to his well received debut EP ‘Objective’. ‘Of Beauty and Chaos’ features 4 original tracks along with a remix of the hit ‘Falls Beautiful’ remixed by …Read More


Age of Disclosure Release Debut Album

Swiss Heavy Metal band Age of Disclosure released their debut album “To the Universe”. The album was recorded and mixed by Syn Schütz at Roar Recording Studio and mastered by Sky van Hoff (Kreator, The …Read More


Watch John Mellencamp Talk Farm Aid, Politics on 'Sunday Morning'

John Mellencamp talked Farm Aid, his new album Sad Clowns & Hillbillies, mortality and how his political views differ from his fans in a wide-ranging interview with CBS Sunday Morning.

Throughout Mellencamp’s career, the plight of the small town American seeped into the rocker’s music, especially on 1983’s Uh-Huh and 1985’s Scarecrow.

“The reason we made that record was because we were noticing that the landscape of Indiana is changing,” Mellencamp said of Scarecrow in an extended interview with Sunday Morning‘s Jane Pauley.

“All the small towns were going out of business. Why? Why are all these small towns going out of business? Because everybody went to live in the city? No. It was because that corporate farming had moved in and run the small family farmer out of business. Which is why we started Farm Aid.”

Mellencamp, a longtime liberal and the son of Democrats, admitted that his political beliefs are likely in conflict with a great number of his fanbase; there have been instances onstage where he’s been booed by his own crowd for voicing his opinion on political matters.

“If you wanna get into government I can get into it with you real quick,” Mellencamp said. “You probably don’t wanna have this conversation with me, but here’s the deal: I don’t trust the government. I don’t trust the Democrats. I don’t trust the Republicans. I’m a little bit more Democratic than I am Republican, but really I’m a socialist. And that’s where it’s at.”

Mellencamp talked about his new well-received LP Sad Clowns & Hillbillies. “I don’t care,” Mellencamp said of the good reviews. “Doesn’t matter to me. If you care about the good ones, then you’ve got to care about the bad ones.”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee also reflected on his career. “I don’t really know how a 25-year-old guy would know that life would go on long after the thrill of living is gone, but I wrote those words,” Mellencamp said. “And for me it was very helpful because I don’t know about you, but I want to do something every day. I want to learn something every day. I want to make something every day. If I go for a day and don’t make anything, I feel guilty about it.”

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Rapper at Little Rock Nightclub Arrested Following Shooting

Memphis rapper Ricky Hampton, who performs under the name Finese2Tymes, was arrested early Sunday morning following the Little Rock nightclub shooting where 25 people were shot.

Finese2Tymes was the headlining artist at the Power Ultra Lounge on the night of the shooting. The Little Rock police tweeted Sunday, “Ricky Hampton ‘Finese 2 Tymes’ was arrested for his outstanding warrants out of Forest City. No arrests have been made in the mass shooting.”

However, Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Cliff LaBarge added that Hampton is also wanted in connection with the Little Rock shooting, WBRC reports.

The rapper and another associate were arrested on aggravated assault charges in Birmingham, Alabama following Finese2Tymes’ concert in that city’s Side Effects nightclub Saturday.

Authorities determined – thanks to social media – that the rapper was going to be in Birmingham Saturday, with the arrest executed by the U.S. Marshals Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force, ATF and FBI, Alabama.com reports.

A search of Hampton’s silver Mercedes yielded two handguns and an AK-47, which the ATF took possession of. Both Hampton and his associate, Kentrell Gwynn, were booked into Jefferson County Jail.

Hampton was also booked on a fugitive from justice warrant: As the New York Times reported Saturday, Hampton had two outstanding warrants related to violence in other cities.

Following the shooting, Hampton wrote on Facebook (via KARK), “Prayers go to the innocent people and their family that came out to support me. Last night in Little Rock, Ark. The violence is not for the club people. We all come with 1 motive at the end of the day, and that’s to have fun. Not to be hurt. So again I send my condolences to the people who were hurt.”

Twenty-five people were shot and wounded and three more injured escaping the nightclub early Saturday morning after gunfire erupted inside Little Rock’s Power Ultra Lounge; the nightclub was served with an eviction notice following the shooting.

Little Rock police chief Kenton Buckner said following the incident that the shooting was likely the result of a “dispute” inside the club that “potentially involved gang activity.” Buckner added that it was “concerning” that a promotional flyer for the Finese2Tynes performance featured the rapper holding a firearm.

Little Rock Mark Stodola added at a press conference, “A promotional video with a gun on the front cover inviting people to a concert … should also be totally unacceptable in our community.”

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