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Slipknot Relive First Mexico Concert in New Documentary

Slipknot‘s first-ever concert in Mexico City will be the focus of the upcoming documentary Day of the Gusano, which will receive a one-night-only theatrical release in September.

The film, directed by the band’s M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan, follows Slipknot south of the border to Mexico to perform for their rabid fan base there for the inaugural Knotfest Mexico in December 2015. 

In addition to concert footage from the gig, the 90-minute documentary also features exclusive interviews with band members.

Slipknot also unveiled the trailer for Day of the Gusano, which will premiere during around the world on September 6th. “This is the one place we’ve always talked about coming and playing and we just never really had the opportunity,” Corey Taylor says in the film.

“Slipknot still has dreams for itself,” Crahan said in a statement. “Finally playing Mexico was one of them. It’s been a surreal life of rock and roll for Slipknot and the fact that the dreams still go on for us is simply incredible.”

Guitarist Jim Root added, “We had such a great time at Knotfest Mexico… Not only with all the friends and bands that were there, but with the fans and the crowd we had to document it with. Now we get to share it with the world.”

Check out the documentary’s site for a list of participating movie theaters.

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Mega Star Shakira Debuts Her New Album at the Temple House

Shakira and The Temple House management teamMIAMI BEACH, Fla., June 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — When you are a music superstar like Colombian singer Shakira, and you want to give people an exclusive private preview of your not-yet-released album, you can pick any place on this planet.
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Taylor Swift: 10 Great Deep Cuts You Can Stream Now

After very publicly removing her music from streaming services following the release of 2014’s 1989, Taylor Swift suddenly returned to Spotify at midnight on Friday. It’s big news for fans of the pop giant and for the streaming service, as it opens her catalog up to those not ready to shell out a monthly fee for premium platforms where her music had been previously available, like Apple Music and Tidal.

As massive as Swift’s hit singles tend to be, there are many excellent pieces of songwriting hidden beneath the “Shake It Off”– and “Our Song”–level smashes. To commemorate her big move, here are 10 great deep cuts from the singer-songwriter’s catalog.

“Should’ve Said No” (2006)

The last single to be released from Swift’s self-titled debut found a mature middle ground between the bitter anger (“Picture to Burn”) and wallowing sadness (“Teardrops on My Guitar”) of many of her earliest relationship post-mortems. It also sticks out as one of the more pop-rock-leaning moments on her sole album of pure country tunes. The song helped cap the first phase of her career, promising more experimentation outside of the genre that broke her on the radio and setting her on the path toward household-name status.

“You’re Not Sorry” (2008)

“Brooding” is not a word that is synonymous with Swift’s music or public image, but considering how convincing she sounds on this solemn, regretful Fearless breakup ballad, she might be wise to explore this vein further. Her voice pierces through the sound of her band for one of her first truly dramatic vocal deliveries. Fittingly, she would mash up this song with a cover of Justin Timberlake’s own rueful breakup ballad “What Goes Around … / … Comes Around.”

“Forever and Always” (2008)

Swift and Joe Jonas broke up suddenly in the middle of her recording sessions for Fearless, and the deceptively upbeat “Forever and Always” turned out to be a last-minute and much-needed addition to the album after Swift felt the need to address the situation through her music. 

“Dear John” (2010)

The tabloid stories behind Swift’s songs too often overshadow the depth and precision of her craft, especially when the song in question isn’t one of her many big hits. On this Speak Now standout, she calls out John Mayer by name and does so via the type of singer-songwriter masterpiece that could put even his finest work to shame. From her passionate vocal delivery to the specificity of her storytelling, Swift refuses to hide behind naïveté or cliché as she cuts to the point of her pain. 

“Long Live” (2008)

At her best, Swift can make falling in love sound like every holiday is happening at once. “Long Live” recalls David Bowie’s “Heroes” in the regal way it portrays two lovers who have amicably parted ways but not without leaving an unforgettable mark on one another. 

“State of Grace” (2012)

For Red, Swift’s first full attempt at completely shifting from country to pop, she found her U2 zone with an arena-worthy album opener on which she layered a delicate vocal delivery above a steely guitar riff. She was at her most confident and experimental yet with this underrated gem.

“All Too Well” (2012)

Blurring the deep-cut line is a track that is arguably Swift’s masterpiece. On this piano-driven power ballad, Swift takes her time to paint scenes, walking her listener through the glory days and heartbreak of a relationship. It’s the tiny details of her memories that really tug at the listener’s heartstrings: a scarf left behind and a refrigerator light left on so the two can dance in its glow.

“Holy Ground” (2012)

This track marks a final goodbye to her old sound and almost feels like a nostalgic throwback in the context of the more arena-friendly pop-rock essence of Red. The singer’s rapid delivery over a jaunty but gentle country-pop beat is classic Swift. Her optimistic views of romance even as she comes to terms with a split could warm even the coldest heart. 

“Clean” (2014)

Imogen Heap co-wrote one of 1989‘s simplest tracks. It feels almost deconstructed next to the room-filling synths of songs like “Blank Space,” “Out of the Woods” and “Bad Blood.” The airy album closer is a refreshing palate cleanser following a collection of songs that turned out to be some of her boldest to date.

“New Romantics” (2014)

“New Romantics” was originally a deluxe-bonus-edition exclusive, but Swift spotlighted the track by unleashing it as the final single of the 1989 era. It’s a booming, adrenaline-pumping self-esteem booster that seems to sum up the album’s Eighties-inspired synth-pop style. Like Beyoncé’s “Schoolin’ Life,” it’s an empowering anthem worth digging for.

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Emii Releases New Single "READ MY MIND"

LOS ANGELES, June 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Pop artist Emii released her latest single, “Read My Mind,” today on iTunes and all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Google Play.
“‘Read My Mind’ is that curious, flirtatious pillow talk with the lover of your…


DJ Khaled Reveals 'Grateful' LP's Galaxy of All-Star Guests

Two weeks before DJ Khaled drops his 10th LP Grateful, the producer unveiled the album’s 23-song track list stacked with guest stars.

In addition to previously known collaborators like Beyoncé and Jay Z (“Shining”), Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and Migos’ Quavo (“I’m the One”) and Drake (“To the Max”), Grateful also features Rihanna, Big Sean, Nas, Calvin Harris, Young Thug and multiple helpings of Future, Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott and Rick Ross.

Migos, Pusha T, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, Alicia Keys, Bryson Tiller, 21 Savage and, on a track dubbed “Billy Ocean,” Fat Joe and Raekwon are also on the Grateful guest list, among many more artists (as well as the album’s “executive producer,” DJ Khaled’s baby son Asahd).

Behold the Grateful track list below ahead of its June 23rd release.

Grateful Track List

1. “(Intro) I’m So Grateful” featuring Sizzla
2. “Shining” Featuring Beyoncé and Jay Z
3. “To the Max” Featuring Drake
4. “Wild Thoughts” Featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller
5. “I’m the One” Featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper and Lil Wayne
6. “On Everything” Featuring Travis Scott, Rick Ross and Big Sean
7. “It’s Secured” Featuring Nas and Travis Scott
8. “Interlude (Hallelujah)” Featuring Betty Wright
9. “Nobody” Featuring Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj
10. “I Love You So Much” Featuring Chance The Rapper
11. “Don’t Quit” Featuring Calvin Harris, Travis Scott and Jeremih
12. “I Can’t Even Lie” Featuring Future and Nicki Minaj
13. “Down For Life” Featuring PartyNextDoor, Future, Travis Scott, Rick Ross and Kodak Black
14. “Major Bag Alert” Featuring Migos
15. “Good Man” Featuring Pusha T and Jadakiss
16. “Billy Ocean” Featuring Fat Joe and Raekwon
17. “Pull a Caper” Featuring Kodak Black, Gucci Mane and Rick Ross
18. “That Range Rover Came With Steps” Featuring Future and Yo Gotti
19. “Iced Out My Arms” Featuring Future, 21 Savage, Migos and T.I.
20. “Whatever” Featuring Future, 2 Chainz, Young Thug and Rick Ross
21. “Interlude” Featuring Belly
22. “Unchanging Love” Featuring Mavado
23. “Asahd Talk (Thank You Asahd)”

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