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Watch Chuck Berry's First-Ever Music Video 'Big Boys'

Two months after Chuck Berry‘s death, the rock legend’s first-ever music video – for “Big Boys,” a track off his forthcoming final album Chuck – has arrived.

The video conjures up a Fifties sock hop feeling as teenagers – and one gutsy kid – take to the dance floor to twist along with the Berry tune while a Berry-like rocker performs onstage. The video also blends fad dance moves of that era – like hand dancing and the duck walk – with contemporary hip-hop choreography.

As directors Matt Bizer and Curtis Wayne Millard told NPR, who premiered the “Big Boys” video, Berry was still alive as production on the video was underway, but died on March 17th during post-production.

“Chuck Berry tunes are a good time and they tell stories that everyone can relate with, so we wanted to stay true to that,” Bizer and Millard told NPR. “When we where shooting the video, Chuck Berry was still with us and during post-production we found out he had passed on. We did not know how to really process it all. In a way, I think we are still processing the entire experience.”

Chuck, Berry’s final LP and his first studio album of original material in nearly 40 years, is due out June 9th.

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See Jesus and Mary Chain, Sky Ferreira Play 'The Two of Us' on 'Colbert'

The Jesus and Mary Chain recruited indie-rock singer Sky Ferreira to perform “The Two of Us,” a joyous duet from the Scottish alt-rock band’s recently issued LP, Damage and Joy, on Tuesday’s Late Show.

Singer Jim Reid tackled the wide-eyed love lyrics with Ferreira, alternating verses and crooning in unison on the chorus, over waves of the band’s signature distortion. “The two of us are getting high,” they belted over the din. “We don’t need drugs ’cause we know how to fly.”

Despite her natural charm on the track, Ferreira actually appears on a different song from Damage and Joy, the penultimate “Black and Blues.” Singer-songwriter (and former Belle & Sebastian member) Isobel Campbell appears on the studio version of “The Two of Us.”

Damage and Joy is the Jesus and Mary Chain’s seventh album and first in 19 years, following 1998’s Munki. The LP also includes previously issued singles “Always Sad” and “Amputated.” Ferreira, meanwhile, is set to appear in the upcoming Twin Peaks revival, which premieres Sunday, May 21st on Showtime. 

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Between The Buried And Me Announces the "Colors Ten Year Anniversary Tour"

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of their classic album, Colors, Between The Buried And Me will embark on a special tour this September/October, which will see the band perform the record in its entirety! …Read More


SikTh’s Mikee Asks the Future is in Whose Eyes?

Progressive metal rockers SikTh will release their new album “The Future In Whose Eyes?” this summer. But before that happens the band has gone ahead releasing a new single turned video called “Golden Cufflinks”. With …Read More


Wind Rose Releases Video for "To Erebor"

Wind Rose has released a new video for “To Erebor”. Check it out over HERE. http://www.nataliezworld.com/search/label/News


INSANITY Releases New Video for "With My Friends"

Insanity has released a new video for “With My Friends”. Check it HERE. http://www.nataliezworld.com/search/label/News


Dawn Of Ashes Releases New Single "Magick For The New Aeon"

Dawn Of Ashes has released a new song turned single called “Magick For The New Aeon”. Check it out over HERE. http://www.nataliezworld.com/search/label/News


Army Of The Universe’s Trebla Talks of Touring and New Project Plans

Electronica, industrial, rock group Army Of The Universe, was founded back in 2008, since then they have gone on to play shows, tour, as well as write and record music, with no plans on stopping. …Read More


See Jake Clemons Take on Domestic Violence in Haunting 'Janine' Video

Just a few months ago Jake Clemons wrapped up an epic world tour with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, but he’s already back out there supporting his solo LP Fear and Love, which features the haunting single “Janine.” Here, Clemons premieres a new video for the track that spotlights the horrors of domestic violence. “Speaking about domestic abuse has to stop being taboo,” Clemons says. “By allowing fear and discomfort to be reasons these conversations don’t take place creates a haven for this dangerous reality to propagate.”

He’s also launching The Janine Project, an online resource to help women battling domestic violence. It will direct women to shelters around the world and instruct them how to get out of abusive relationships. “As a human living in a masculine driven society and as a man; a man with a mother, a sister, a female partner and a daughter, I have an obligation to promote the value of gender equality, to stand against women being seen as lesser and actively pursue a better, safer environment for us all to live in,” he said in a statement. “The video for ‘Janine’ and the Janine Project were created to encourage a conversation that will hopefully lead victims to a safe place of survivorship and abusers to seek help as well and stop hurting others.”

Clemons is spending the new few months on the road playing solo shows in support of Fear and Love, a concept record about his divorce and struggle to piece his life back together in the aftermath. “I didn’t understand how much the fears I inherited affected the way I was living my life and the way I approached relationships and the way I approached love,” he told Rolling Stone earlier this year. “Reconciling and recovering from those things was a really big thing for me over the past few years. So this is a very personal record.”

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Watch Harry Styles Perform Heavy 'Carolina' on 'Late Late Show'

Harry Styles closed Tuesday’s Late Late Show with a thunderous live version of “Carolina,” a stomping rocker from his recently issued debut solo LP. The former One Direction singer built from a folky strum to a distorted hard-rock chorus, backed by “la la la” vocals and massive drum fills.

The recent Rolling Stone cover star pulled double-duty during the episode: Prior to the performance, he took over James Corden’s opening monologue (which included an extended riff on Pirates of the Caribbean) and joked about fleeing a boy band for a solo career in desk piece “Side Effects Include…”

The multi-faceted gig continued Styles’ week-long Late Late Show residency, which kicked off Monday with a live take on power-ballad “Sign of the Times.” The singer also performed “Carolina” last week on Today.

Styles will kick off a North American tour behind his new album on September 19th in San Francisco.

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