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DC Super Hero Girls Announces and Releases Trailer for New Movie "Intergalactic Games"

DC Super Hero Girls will be releasing an all new movie called the “Intergalactic Games”. Check out the trailer for it HERE. Expect it’s release to be soon! http://www.nataliezworld.com/search/label/News


OBITUARY Ten Thousand Ways To Die

OBITUARY releases new video for “Ten Thousand Ways To Die”. Check it out HERE. http://www.nataliezworld.com/search/label/News



YOUR CHANCE TO DIE, who re-emerged into the death metal world with their 2013 Red Cord Records sophomore effort, The American Dream, are to release their third album, Ex Nihilo on April 21st via EMP …Read More


Capture The Crown Launch New Project

Capture The Crown announced their break up a few days ago. But now they have announced of a new project called Capture, with the release a new song called “Lose Control”. Find out more info …Read More


Appeal Filed in Led Zeppelin 'Stairway to Heaven' Copyright Trial

The battle over “Stairway to Heaven” will rage on for at least one more chapter as Spirit’s attorney filed an appeal with a federal court to argue the June verdict that sided with Led Zeppelin in the copyright infringement case.

In a 90-page brief filed Wednesday at the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, attorney Francis Malofiy – the lawyer representing Michael Skidmore, the trustee of Spirit guitarist Randy (California) Wolfe’s estate – argued that a series of “erroneous” jury instructions were to blame for the unanimous verdict siding with Led Zeppelin in the bizarre plagiarism case.

At the crux of the “Stairway” lawsuit is the accusation that the IV classic copies a riff found on Spirit’s instrumental “Taurus,” which predates the 1971 single. In his appeal, Malifoy wrote that the jury did not find the two songs “substantially similar” because they were not permitted to hear the version of “Taurus” that Jimmy Page allegedly ripped off.

“The most important of these errors was that the trial court refused to let the jury hear the full and complete composition of ‘Taurus’ embodied in the sound recordings that Jimmy Page possessed, instead limiting the comparison to an outline of the ‘Taurus’ composition in the deposit copy lead sheet,” Malifoy wrote.

Skidmore’s attorneys also accused the trial judge of making “a series of erroneous instructions on the scope of copyright protection,” The Hollywood Reporter notes.

Other complaints pertaining to the initial trial include “Limiting Plaintiff’s Trial Time to 10 Hours Violated Due Process and was Not Even Close to An Adequate Amount of Time to Try this Case” as well as “The Court Seriously Erred when Defining Originality.”

In their filings to the 9th circuit court, Skidmore and company seek a reversal of the previous verdict and a retrial.

In July, after Page and Robert Plant were victorious in the copyright infringement case, Page wrote on Facebook, “A few weeks have passed since the judgement of the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ case in Los Angeles, with the jury reaching a unanimous decision in a remarkably short time. Throughout the lengthy journey to that verdict, and even more recently, I have received and been aware of the overwhelming wave of support, encouragement and congratulations that [have] been deeply moving. I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank all those who contributed such a positive energy to me.”

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See Nicki Minaj, Ty Dolla $ign Join Jason Derulo for Colorful 'Swalla' Video

Jason Derulo has unveiled his candy-coated video for “Swalla,” his recent single featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Nicki Minaj, who both appear in the music video.

Reminiscent of Robert Palmer’s iconic Eighties videos, “Swalla” features Derulo dancing, singing and strutting alongside a quartet of similarly styled models.

Minaj, wearing a futuristic mirrored visor, shows up to deliver her verse within a rainbow-striped hallway. 

Minaj’s lyric “I gave these bitches two years / Now your time’s up / Bless her heart, she’s throwing shots but every line sucks” is reportedly about Remy Ma, and this along with “Make Love” with Gucci Mane helped spark the feud between Minaj and Ma.

The Gil Green-directed “Swalla” video continues a productive week for Minaj after she initially remained quiet following the arrival of “Shether” and “Another One.” On March 10th, the rapper dropped three tracks – “Regret in Your Tears,” “Changed It” and “No Frauds” – with the latter serving as her response to Ma.

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Jermaine Dupri Presents SoSoSUMMER 17 Tour

http://rockbands.net/wp-content/blogs.dir/3/files/2017/03/SoSoSummer___JD_Image.jpg?p=captionATLANTA, March 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Grammy-winning producer, songwriter, recording artist, and reality tv star Jermaine Dupri in association with Scream Nation and Live Nation, will see 20 cities in North America this summer with Jermaine Dupri Presents: SoSoSUMMER 17 Tour, announced…


2CELLOS Release New Video For Iconic Song "Now We Are Free" From The Film, Gladiator

2CELLOS "Now We Are Free"NEW YORK, March 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ –2CELLOS, music’s most electric and dynamic instrumental duo, release a new video for “Now We Are Free” from their album SCORE (Portrait/Sony Music Masterworks), available today. The video was shot in Montenegro at Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO…


Watch Mel C Perform Spice Girls' 'Wannabe' With 'School of Rock'

Spice Girls singer Mel C joined the West End School of Rock – The Musical on Thursday for a surprise encore performance of her former group’s 1996 hit “Wannabe” at the New London Theatre.

The production’s all-kid cast of musicians, along with leading man David Fynn, opened the guitar-oriented take on “Wannabe” before introducing Mel C for a full verse. The winding performance featured lots of vocal swapping, a snippet of Aerosmith’s classic “Walk This Way” and Fynn putting his spin on the track’s rapped section.

School of Rock – The Musical is based on the titular 2003 Richard Linklater film, which starred Jack Black as a would-be rock star who finds his long-coveted backing band while posing as a substitute teacher. During a 2016 rehearsal for the Broadway production, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash joined the young musicians for a live version of rock classic “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”

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Suicide's Martin Rev Announces New Solo LP 'Demolition 9'

Suicide‘s Martin Rev has announced his new album Demolition 9, the keyboardist’s first solo LP since 2009 and his first new music since the death of his longtime bandmate Alan Vega in July 2016.

Rev also unveiled two tracks from the 34-song collection: “Now” features a cacophonous, reverberating blend of thundering drums and droning synths, while “In Our Name” is an abrasive alchemy of industrial rock featuring bursts of Rev’s disembodied, burnt-out vocals.

Demolition 9, Rev’s first album since 2009’s Stigmata, is due out May 26th via Atlas Realisations.

Suicide was ranked 13 on Rolling Stone’s 2015 list of The Greatest Duos of All Time. “Dressed like glam-rock hoods, Vega intoned free-formsketches of New York street life accompanied by his partner’s revved-upindustrial keyboard grooves,” we wrote. “Recorded at punk’s ’77 peak, Suicide andits 1980 follow-up, Suicide: Alan Vega and Martin Rev, arethrobbing reflections of the duo’s confrontational live performances, duringwhich Vega would punctuate his rockabilly twang with slashes of a motorcyclechain.”

Demolition 9 Track List

1. “Stickball”
2. “Salve Dominus”
3. “Deus”
4. “Pace”
5. “My Street”
6. “Te Amo”
7. “Into the Blue”
8. “Requiem”
9. “Now”
10. “Blayboy”
11. “In Our Name”
12. “Never Mind”
13. “Vision of Mari”
14. “Warning”
15. “Salvame”
16. “Dies Irae”
17. “RBL”
18. “Venitas”
19. “Stretch”
20. “Creation”
21. “Toi”
22. “Piéta”
23. “It’s Time”
24. “Tacha’s Toy”
25. “Back to Philly”
26. “Stelle”
27. “Inside Out”
28. “Beatus”
29. “Tuba”
30. “Réve”
31. “Concrete”
32. “She”
33. “Darling”
34. “Excelsis”

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