When Did Religious Freedom Become the Singular Most Important Freedom Guaranteed in the United States Constitution?

Again it comes down to who is in more need of protection, Christians already enjoying the basic human, civil rights afforded everyone born in America or LGBT persons, who thanks to laws like this, are faced with the reality not only are they potentially barred from some jobs, apartments, ability to purchase flowers, cakes, photography services, go to some restaurants, show affection for a date, a partner in a cab, or just being mistaken for gay in any of the aforementioned places, who undeniably do find extra hurdles in access to medical care for them and their family? LGBT persons, usually young men molested, sexually assaulted even raped, forced using objects by a gang of heterosexual youth the same age mocking their sexuality, sexual choices, taunting them they like it because of their sexual orientation, but rape, nonconsensual fondling, assault and humiliation are less of an abomination? LGBT people encountering the same obstacles, dismissive attitudes when dealing with law enforcement, who are not believed regarding sexual assault, rape when admit they are homosexual, presented with comments like what do you mean rape your gay, well you must have liked it. Reports of domestic violence, domestic assault not taken seriously because officers do not agree with their lifestyle, blaming their lifestyle for their abuse. Effecting heterosexual persons too when/if they say they were sexually assaulted, raped by someone of the same gender, assumed gay if that is the case; therefore somehow unworthy of police protection under the law…Read More


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