Weekend Rock: What is the Best Elton John Deep Cut?

Forty-five years ago this week, Elton John played his first U.S. concert at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, California. “Tuesday night at the Troubadour was just the beginning,” Los Angeles Times pop critic Robert Hilburn wrote. “He’s going to be one of rock’s biggest and most important stars.”

Now we have a question for you: What is Elton John’s best deep cut? We’re going to count anything that wasn’t a hit when it came out or went on to become a widely-loved classic. That means that about 95 percent of his catalog is fair game. Feel free to vote for an early tune like “Friends” or “Rotten Peaches,” a 1980s tune like “Elton’s Song” or “I Am Your Robot” or something more recent like “Blues Never Fades Away” or “My Quicksand.” Pick whatever deep cut you want, but please only vote once and only for a single selection.

You can vote here in the comments, on facebook.com/RollingStone or on Twitter using the hashtag #WeekendRock.


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