Weekend Rock Question: What Is the Best Black Sabbath Deep Cut?

Black Sabbath are just three months away from launching their supposed final tour. Only 36 dates are on the books right now, but they’ll likely milk this for quite some time. Their last tour was largely centered around their biggest hits and tracks from their new album 13, but this time around fans are hoping they dig deep and break out tunes they haven’t touched in decades.

Now, we have a question for you: What is the best Black Sabbath deep cut? We’re going to accept songs from all eras of the band. Feel free to vote for an Ozzy tune like “Killing Yourself to Live” or “Gypsy,” a Dio song like “After All [The Dead]” or “The Devil Cried” or even something from Tony Martin’s tenure like “When Death Calls” and “Black Moon.” Vote for anything that wasn’t a hit or something that went on to become a widely loved classic. Just please only vote once and only for a single song.

You can vote here in the comments, on facebook.com/RollingStone or on Twitter using the hashtag #WeekendRock.


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