Watch Mac Miller Go 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin During Encore

If you would like an encore from Mac Miller, gimme a “Hell Yeah.”

In September, the rapper returned with a new album, GO:OD AM, and he’s currently on the road in support of it. We’re not really sure how “Stone Cold” Steve Austin fits into all of that, but it didn’t stop Miller from paying tribute to the WWE legend during a recent show in Santa Cruz, California.

After finishing his set, the crowd showered Miller with chants for an encore – you know, standard concert behavior. Mac obliged, of course, though he returned to the stage with Austin’s theme music blaring in the background, grabbed a couple of Steveweisers and quickly downed them before dishing out a Stone Cold’s finisher, the Stunner, to his hypeman before calling it a night and running off stage.

Also, props to said hypeman for selling the move like the Rock. All that’s missing are Jim Ross’ caterwauls.

@MacMiller pulling a stone cold performance tonight!!!

— Danny Plascencia (@PlascenciaDanny) November 14, 2015

For his next encore, maybe Mac will break out a beer truck? Or who knows, maybe he’ll bring out the actual Stone Cold for a tag-team match against Bill Goldberg – currently accusing Austin of not actually drinking 13 beers in one sitting (or something like that) – and a partner of his choosing? Shoot, at this point, we’re willing to bet the Texas Rattlesnake would rather do anything to make him forget that the Dallas Cowboys never returned his calls.

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