Watch Adele Croon New Song, Cackle on 'Jimmy Fallon'

Adele unleashed both her beloved voice and cackle on The Tonight Show Monday, joining host Jimmy Fallon for a silly game of “Box of Lies” and belting a new song, “Water Under the Bridge.”

“Box of Lies” found Fallon and Adele choosing a container with an odd item in it and trying to trick the other about its contents. Adele, very gravely, attempted to convince Fallon that she was in possession of a toy tyrannosaurus rex dressed up as a fairy, but the host called her bluff.

The singer, too, caught Fallon in the act — but in the host’s defense, conjuring a G.I. Joe doll dressed as Santa Claus staring down a candy cane throwing star was a far easier task than describing what he did have: A game of Simon stamped with disconcertingly fleshy prosthetic noses. In the last round, Adele tried to slyly squeeze the truth past Fallon with a cocked eye and cockney lilt, but the host bought her not-tall tale about a giraffe wearing “‘free” — as in “one, two, ‘free” — donuts around its neck.

Adele also chatted with Fallon about her appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, as well as the excruciating waits for new albums by Frank Ocean and Rihanna. She then took the stage for a performance of “Water Under the Bridge,” a rousing, soulful cut from her own (once excruciatingly anticipated) new album, 25, which arrived last week.

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