James Harrison Football Great Epic Parenting Fail

Other vast misconceptions, that the so called “real world” is without incentives, rewards for small things whether it’s a gold star in kindergarten, an attendance award at school or a participation award for peewee football, youth soccer, junior hockey league; how else do you explain bonuses, golden parachutes given to exiting CEO’s, jobs that pay by commission, extra benefits, work perks offered by employers to draw their most desired persons, offered in fields struggling to get workers; today those include almost anything in manual labor, welding, construction exc…that we ever lived in a meritocracy to begin with, at minimum for the last 45 years; people are chiefly against participation trophies citing the working world doesn’t operate that way, instead operating on actual achievement, tangible accomplishment, solid qualifications in terms of degrees, certifications, awards based on innovation, sales numbers and so forth. Except now, going back to the 1970’s, who can honestly say they got their job solely on their credentials coupled with a stellar interview, at the very least didn’t get a leg up, better consideration based on whose name they could drop, who they know who used to work there, the fact their family member works there or their husband’s friend recommended them for the job, their last name is well known based on the accomplishments of their parents? Teens getting their first job increase their chances if a friend who also works there can vouch for them; today if you want a job you better network, network, network…why is that if we live in a meritocracy? Read More


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