Another Case Of Respect My Authoritah Gone Bad: Cop Throws Student Across Classroom People Still Divided Over His Firing

Because what went wrong here had little to do with race, the media blasted for ‘highlighting,’ and by that public decriers mean mentioning, the race of the persons involved and much more to do with how everyone from beginning to end handled something that never should have gone beyond the school, beyond school disciplinary measures… Once the officer is involved it should have meant cooler heads prevailed; sadly the opposite, not only does he continue to escalate things by using confrontational language contrary to de-escalation tactics police officers, officers assigned to schools are taught… No… it isn’t the awkward position we put school resource police officers in forcing them to alternate unexpectedly between friend/mentor mode and professional capacity, instead it goes to the psychology of those allowed to be cops, the psychology of a nation who largely sees nothing wrong with what he did, despite the smiling photo; because, not once did the officer walk in, ask what needed to be done, and in response, pull teacher and administrator from the room saying this isn’t what I’m here for, never did he question why it was so important to remove her from the room when she is non-violent, suggest alternatives such as detention, suspension or informing her parents, there is no report, record of him going to his boss saying, if this is what being a school resource officer means, please put me on another assignment. Read More


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